A Secret Place in Timberland Heights Will Make Her Say YES!


Looking for a place to propose? Ready to ask her hand for marriage? I know a place, and it is sooo lovely. It overlooks Manila, Quezon City, the Sierra Madre mountain range and even Tagaytay roads.

Imagine walking up a hill, a few 20-minutes of trek would not kill your legs, I promise you. As you take every step, talk to her about how happy you are that up until now, you are still together.

You can talk about your challenges and how successful you are, as a team, to overcome them.

You can talk about future plans, the number of children you plan to have, and where will you buy a house.

You can talk about budget, your vision as a couple, your goals in life, your future, and how she is a part of it. Talk about her future and how you will become part of it.

Talk until the last pine tree before the trek assault. From here you will be quiet, jitters will come in. You will swallow whatever candy you have been playing with your tongue for a good 12 minutes now. You will reach for your pocket, making sure the ring is there.

And as you climb the hill, you will tell yourself that this will be the last challenge that you, as a girlfriend-boyfriend, will conquer together. Because when you trek down, you will be bride and groom. And this is a a secret place in Timberland Heights.

Timberland Heights Gate

Timberland Heights Gate

The place I am talking about is the Timberland Outlook Park or TOP. It is very promising as Filinvest is moving its speed. Surrounded by a bunch of nature-themed subdivisions, the venue will be a haven for relaxation, nature-cation, and adventure.

Only the two of you and a bunch of locals can do the trick. You may visit the place and talk to the environment volunteers there for a quick help.

My idea of a proposal would be a picnic setup with Coleman tents and barbeque grills. A good number of hammocks among the trees would be a vantage point for your photographers and videographers. You may also use the tents to house your best man and bridesmaids.

glamping with coleman 2

glamping with coleman 2

glamping with coleman

glamping with coleman

See You at the TOP

See You at the TOP

Timberland Outlook Park (TOP)

Timberland Outlook Park (TOP)

platesfull of servings for the glampers

platesfull of servings for the glampers

wine and champagne to celebrate the engagement

wine and champagne to celebrate the engagement

Coleman keeps everything cool

Coleman keeps everything cool

Go ahead and execute this proposal. If you need help, shoot me an email at promking@kampeonngpagibig.com.

Timberland Sports and Nature Club
Timberland Heights, San Mateo, Rizal
Philippines 1850
Tel: 584-9942, 793-5700
Fax: 793-5790
Email: whats-on@timberlandclub.com

See you at the TOP.




Watching NBA In Sparks Club and Bar – Malate Manila

24 Hr.  Entertainment; ‪ #24hEntertainment
#SparksClubandBar #BeASpark
 #SparkOfExcitement  #24hBeerPong

Visiting Manila but you cannot catch the season opener for NBA? Worry not.

The regular season will begin on Tuesday, October 27, 2015 at the United Center, home of the Chicago Bulls, who will be hosting a game against the Cleveland Cavaliers in the early game, followed by the 2015 NBA champion Golden State Warriors hosting the New Orleans Pelicans in the night game.

If you are worrying that you cannot catch these games because you have flights from Manila to Boracay, or any of the 7,000 plus islands that we have, you must know that there is a place a few minutes from the airport that can accommodate your basketball thirst.

beerpong sparks

beerpong sparks

Sparks is not just a club with a dance floor. Its has a Sports Bar with plenty of sports channels to watch and great food and drinks.

You can also play a little for yourself. Sparks is known for its Beerpong competitions, both in-house and tournaments. Just sign up and play.

Get your gang together to cheer for you. Let them have some tacos and fries while you use a pingpong ball to humiliate an adversary. Get everybody shouting your name.

And get drunk on the process.

Sparks is a Restaurant too. Great food.

Sparks is a Restaurant too. Great food.

It is a Restaurant during meal hours, a Sports bar during sports hours and a Club at night.

Grilled chicken is the best pair to a pale pilsen. Tacos go along with cocktails. I know you know the drill. Make sure you share.

The place can also host your party. It has VIP rooms for VIP’s.

It is better to have your own couches to secure your belongings.

Sparks Girls

Sparks Girls

Sparks Malate launched just this July. A new place to visit for both foreigners and locals. A good place for meetups and parties. A venue to enjoy by a sports-loving man and party-loving lady.

Go on, visit Spark. The chemistry here is unstoppable. And remember what they always tell you: Big fiery scenes start in a small Spark.

Now where is that fire extinguisher.

Happy Drinking!

Sparks – Malate is located at Orosa cor Nakpil street.
Sparks – Tomas Morate is located at 2nd Flr. Guilly’s Island Club. Tomas Morato cor Lopez.

Sparks club and bar

Sparks club and bar

See you at the NBA opening night.


Follow Sparks in Social Media:

–       Sparks – Club/Bar/Resto Malate

–       Sparks – Club/Sports Bar QC

Instagram: @sparksclubandbar
Twitter: @sparksclubbar


Those Awkward Silences – One More Chance Sequel

Alam mo yung mabigat e.

Alam mo na hindi kayo nagwo-work out, yung as ideal as possible.

Nothing in the world falls into place.

Pero mas pinipili mo siya.

Pinipili mo na harapin ang buhay kasama siya.

Kahit mahirap.

Kahit masakit.

Kahit hindi kaaya-aya

Kahit hindi masaya.

Ang tanong lang, pinipili ka rin ba niya.

Kasi kung oo –

Pag-ibig nga yan.


Paano Manligaw: What Sets You Apart


Ano ngayon kung hindi gwapo? Witty naman magkwento.

Di maskulado, pero he can lift you up.

May karibal sa panliligaw? Idaan sa Diskarte.

Tulad nitong bagong Sprite Commercial.

Panoorin ninyo.

Para #KlaroAngDiskarte

—- ANg Ganda niya —-

Lapitan mo na siya. Kaso may karibal ka.

si Jojong , si Jonas, si Junard.

Jojong: Nood ka ng game ko ha, ako ang captain.

Jonas: Punta ka sa play ko, ako ang bida.

Junard: Punta ka sa gig ko, ako ang bokalista.

— ikaw? —

*inom ka na muna

**isa, dalawang lagok ng Sprite. Para Klaro. Walang kulay at hindi malabo gaya ng ibang softdrinks.

Ako? Di mo na kailangan pumili, samahan na kita sa lahat.

Sprite, klaro ang diskarte.




Metro Manila Shake Drill And How You Can Participate


The Metro Manila Shake Drill will happen tomorrow, July 30, 2015.

In an effort to increase our chance of survival and recovery, the MMDA, with cooperation from schools, businesses, government agencies, and religious organizations will anticipate an earthquake that will split the country stemming from the West Valley Fault movement.

shake drill

shake drill

Here is how you can participate.

1) Sign Up. Using the website, http://www.metromanilashakedrill.com/, you may participate, together with your colleagues and be counted. From the mailing list, you will be more aware of the basic know how to save lives.

2) Use the hashtag. Share your preparations and experiences using the hashtag #mmshakedrill.

3) Share the efforts. Tell your mom, your friends, your co-workers, and even long lost relatives of how you are preparing and what your contingencies are. You may be prepared but they should know how prepared you are. So they too can prepare themselves.

4) Survival Kits. Familiar? Eveready batteries and flashlights are the basics. Instead of just storing your unused trekking bags, why don’t you convert them to survival kits first before your next climb.

5) Be Calm. It is just a drill. Well, even if the real thing happens, it pays to be calm. Preparedness makes you calm.

Let us be ready for the big hit. I know I am.

Ang Love, Parang Math Problem. Pag Hindi Mo Makuha, Titigan Mo Na Lang – Yaya Dub to Alden Richards


Ang Love, Parang Math Problem. Pag Hindi Mo Makuha, Titigan Mo Na Lang – Yaya Dub to Alden Richards


Never Fall Asleep During A Drinking Session With These Guys

Text by Raymond Angana

”Sa buntag paminawn ang dagan sa panahon,
Susihon ang dagway sa kinaiyahan kung may gitagong kapintas.
Sige lupad na!
Mahigalaon kaluoy sa hangin
Sugdi na ang pagpanginhas didto sa naghulat nga kapatagan.
Sa imung paglupad ayaw kalimti usa ka pakigbisog

Sa umaga, dinggin ang takbo nang panahon,
Usisain ang mukha ng kalikasan kung may tintatagong pagkukulang.
Sige lipad na!
Mapagkaibigan maawa sa hangin
Umpisahan na ang pamumulot doon sa nag-aantay na kapatagan.
Sa iyong paglipad huwag kalimutan ang isang labanan.

In the morning, hear the flow/run of nature
Observe the face of nature and its hidden shortcomings.
Go, fly now!
Friendly pity the air
Start gleaning now over there on what awaits the plain.
At your soaring, do not forget the struggle


Ryan Rems Sarita Talks About Dating An Officemate (July 21, 2015)