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  • Stands for “Cascading Style Sheet.”
  • used to format the layout of Web pages.
  • can be used to define text styles, table sizes, and other aspects of Web pages that previously could only be defined in a page’s HTML.

CSS helps Web developers create a uniform look across several pages of a Web site. Instead of defining the style of each table and each block of text within a page’s HTML, commonly used styles need to be defined only once in a CSS document. Once the style is defined in cascading style sheet, it can be used by any page that references the CSS file.

While CSS is great for creating text styles, it is helpful for formatting other aspects of Web page layout as well. For example, CSS can be used to define the cell padding of table cells, the style, thickness, and color of a table’s border, and the padding around images or other objects. CSS gives Web developers more exact control over how Web pages will look than HTML does. This is why most Web pages today incorporate cascading style sheets.

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Onega Kakatapos lang manalo ni Pacman laban ke Ricky Hatton. 2 rounds lang ang tinagal ng laban. Ang naging factor ng laban na iyon ay ang paulit-ulit na pricaktis ni Pacman na Right Hook. Kahit sa HBO 24/7 Pacquiao-Hatton special, ilang beses pinakita ang mga pagpapraktis ni Pacquiao ng Right Hook. Ang hindi ko lang maintindihan, kung bakit hindi kagad ito na-gets ng kampo ni Hatton.

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