The Internet:

Looking for a chat alternative? Are you not allowed on installing instant messaging applications like Yahoo Messenger or MSN chat at your office? Are you tired of your usual chatpeeps and looking for other people to exchange ideas with?

Then I have good news for you.

Recently on, a friend of mine posted a strange link of “join us”, and as curious as i am, i clicked on the link. the next thing i got was a pasaway3.. i then registered.

got to one of the rooms.

and started chatting.

The people are nice, i discovered that just like me, most people there are just corporate slaves who needed a once in awhile exchange of strange ideas with other people.

The website is spear-headed by a team of Filipinos, still unknown to the public. The mission and vision statements of the team are not in anywhere seen in the site, nor the medium the site was created in.

So the heck if these organization requirements are not in existence, all we know is that it serves its purpose.

So join us. Be more pasaway than you’ll ever be.

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