Book Review: New Moon

Twilight02 – New Moon

by Stephenie Meyer

When I have heard that the second book on the Twilight Saga will hit the big screen this November of 2009, I wanted to do what other people usually do; and that is to read the book first. Good thing a copy of the book is available from a friend, so I started reading the minute I get a hold of it.

The fans of Edward Cullen are correct to say that the book is boring at the middle part of it. If you so love the “bloodsucker”, then it really is boring for you. I know for sure that it would not be boring for me since I am not reading it for the sake of being with Edward Cullen.

The Plot:

Just like any other recently sprouted relationships, there would be misunderstandings and miscommunications. There will be problems of all sorts (take it from the kampeon). Although the first ever break up will always be the hardest, love will always be sweeter the second time around. That is what the story is all about; how Bella and Edward went off their own ways because of assumed incompatibility issues, how Bella coped with the loss, and how fate moulded their destinies to cross each other’s path again.

A very minor character from Twilight01, by the name of Jacob Black,  stepped up, and he happens to be a member of the anti-vampire social club. I am so joyed that this is again another story about Vampires and Werewolves. I just can’t get enough of it (plus the idea that this is a love story).

New Concepts:

Werewolves can freely transform themselves, and they actually hunt in packs like normal wolves. They are hot-blooded, the exact opposite of Vampires, and both can’t resist the smell of the other. The last time I checked, everyone wants to be a Vampire. After reading this book, I wonder if people would want to become a Werewolf after the movie is out.

The author, Stephenie Meyer, gave a very striking spirituality concept of Vampires. I know, it is normal for another set of people, very different to human beings, to create their own religion. But the author let the cold ones follow the belief of humans. Fictional characters such as Vampires now believe in the existence of heaven, hell, soul and afterlife.

Famous Lines:

Which is tempting you more, my blood or my body? ~Bella

It never made sense for you to love me. ~Bella

Your hold on me is permanent and unbreakable. Never doubt that. ~Edward

Marry me first. ~Edward

I’d rather die than be with anyone but you. ~ Bella

You’re human — your memory is no more than a sieve. Time heals all wounds for your kind. ~ Edward

I can’t live in a world where you don’t exist. ~ Edward

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