Daily Archives: 2009-06-29

Personalan: Shift adjusted by 1 hour

It is the time of the season wherein everyone will get their schedules changed. Schedule Adherence scores and tenureship would determine who chooses first. And being number 1 on this category (yeah I am really that good in managing my scores), I picked the shift which is closest to the previous one with the same rest day.

Here is my My interim schedule

Fri Sat Sun Mon
De Leon_024325, Joseph Paulo NSWSV 4:00 PM OFF OFF 5:00 PM

Not much change eh?

Sad to say, my Hon wasn’t able to get a shift with the same rest days as mine. Her shift is at 4 hours later and there are obviously no overlapping breaks for us. This is really an adjustment to make.

Now this would be a chance prove to the world how we can make things work with just “quality time” and not “quantity time”.