Movie Review: Transformers 2 – Revenge of The Fallen

Contrary to what I would have thought, Megatron is not the entity in here that is being referred to as “The Fallen”. If you would have excercised your active listening skills while watching the movie, eating sour cream flavored pop corn, and drinking bottled nestea apple (or know story of the Transformers in comics); then you should have understood that there is a Decepticon, that Megatron and all the others refer to as “master” named as The Fallen.

This bad guy who can use telekinesis, teleportation, television hacking and all tele-stuff, would only come out halfway through the story. And once he is dead, together with some good guys  and some bad guys, the movie ends. I don’t see why other movie reviews get to be difficult with the story plot. I mean, Michael Bay did not name the movie as “Revenge of The Fallen” for nothing.

What I liked about the movie:

  • Megan Fox running in the desert
  • Megan Fox running in the desert with Shia LaBoeuf
  • Megan Fox running in the desert with the webmaster college guy.
  • Megan Fox running in the desert with some soldiers.
  • Megan Fox falling to the sand after running.

Famous Lines:

  • Sometimes, cowards do survive

4 responses to “Movie Review: Transformers 2 – Revenge of The Fallen

  1. i like shia’s great acting skill. and it’s funny you didnt include it in the things you liked. hahahaha

    Anne Moreno’s last blog post..almoreno shares totally not sexy..

    • yes, he played his role of a loser (backed up by robots) very well. but i don’t dig guys.. you know. ahehehe.

  2. ang hot ni megan ano? nakakadestrak sa mga habulan nila 🙂

    dencios’s last blog post..[96] Tamod Komet

    • super hot.. ganda pa ng lips. always naka-pout. always red. nun Transformers1 kasi, nun giyera na, ampanget na ni Megan Fox dun e.

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