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Looking for people is not confined to just friendster and facebook. Our tech-savvy set of people would always find ways to give us alternatives. That is why a new social channel comes to us; and this time, we are segregated according to country.

Meeting new people has never been easier!

Meeting new people has never been easier!

Checkout, it is very easy to set up and navigate. It does have some ads but very minimal and does not SHOUT OUT on you. All you need to have is an email address and a unique username to start on looking for prospects.


Right after I plugged in what I wanted as my username, a couple of boxes after the website is asking for my picture to be uploaded. Good thing I got some recent pictures on the internet right now (from our mall hopping escapade with my Hon last Sunday). I am pretty sure the 2k++ people who are active on the website right now would be happy to see my picture.

Searching for other people would be 2 clicks once you are logged in. First is choose if your searching for a male or a femals, and then choose the face of someone who you might want to know more about.

Everyone have their pictures. It is really exciting. I was enjoying myself guessing the person’s age (then verifying what i thought it was) after clicking their pictures. I did not get any correct guesses.

Then I would leave them messages.  I now wonder how long it would take them to respond.

Simplicity at its best.

I am very happy to see that a social networking site can stand up without modifiable CSS and playable apps. I still am not very sure if can make it to become the next friendster or facebook but I am sure I will be enjoying my stay on it.

Come and investigate the world. Know more people and expand your connections. Why don’t we stop and get to know each other, since we are already just a few stepsapart.

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  1. Stepsapart is way off potential to become as poular as say FB or FS. If only for the drawback of “limited messaging”: up to five messages can be send in 24 hours, non cumulative i.e. the counter is reset on a daily basis. Therefore I think it wise to cut the romantic crap how thrilling that site is. It clearly is just another brick in the wall. Cheerio.

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