You're the 1, Goldilocks!

Goldilocks is more than just a bakeshop. Not only that Goldilocks offer just cakes and pastries, most Goldilocks stores nowadays (the ones found in the malls) have a selection of Pinoy Food that is a must-try. If you are unaware of, Goldilocks also has their own version of jarred shrimp paste (bagoong) and polvoron samples that can be found in some booths at the aisle of malls.

I can still remember my good old youngster days. Me and my family are strolling in a mall in Manila, a Sunday morning right after hearing mass; a family day of some sort. We have an attitude at times like these that we choose to eat on a place where we haven’t eaten before. We came across some pizza parlors, fast foods, fine dining restos, everything you can think of, but we could not choose from any. Then I suggested, “Why don’t we go to Goldilocks instead?” My little brother then andwered, “Nye, magla-lunch tayo ng cake? (Cakes for lunch?)” He is now on his think-face mode until we reached the Goldilocks store.

He was surprised to see people lining up on the counter with red trays on their hand and choosing from a selction of familiar Pinoy specialty foods. There was Litson, Dinuguan, Palabok, Lumpia, Barbeque and so much more, on the other counter perpendicular to the cake counter. I can still remember my little brother’s face (now turned chow-face) as he enjoyed his Palabok and barbeque. After eating, he made sure that he would comment, “Hindi lang pala cake ang meron sa Goldilocks?”, referring to the meal he just enjoyed.

Goldilocks is number 1 for me

Whenever me and my girlfriend would now go home to my parents’ from a Saturday strolling on malls; we make sure that we get some treats for pasalubong. It would really depend on what is going on at my parent’s house. If it is a birthday, mother’s day, father’s day, or a simple gathering, we will always drop by a Goldilocks store and grab some cake. Inheriting my parent’s style of choosing, we would always try a new cake. In our surprise, there is no episode in our lives that we can not choose among a number of cakes. There is always something that we haven’t tried yet; and bringing that cake to my parents would always be a subject of conversation starting with, “What’s the name of this cake?”

You’re the 1, Goldilocks, because you embody everything that I believe in. I believe in the greatness of our Filipino heritage and proud of our Filipino delicacies. I promote love in everything I do. I always try to make myself number 1 in all that I am capable of. And most of all, I make sure that my sweetness is available for everyone to enjoy. You, Goldilocks, have a lot in common with me!

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  2. haha cute talaga mga little kids hehe

    siguro ang cute ng lil bro mo with his think-mode face haha

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