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Movie Review: Ice Age 3

“Where is the ice?”

That was the question I was thinking about halfway through the movie. I thought I was watching The Land before Time, the minute I saw dinosaurs. I reviewed the movie title and realized that I missed and important part of it. It specifically says “Dawn of the Dinosaurs”. I completely ignored the subtitle.

The movie is for kids. Any adult who would watch it would remind him of how to be a kid. Of course, values like friendship, family, and more are being discussed in the story. Mammoths are small compared to dinosaurs and Tyrannosaurus Rexes can be not that bad.

The new character, Buck, is really a great one. He is a weasel with a sword-like weapon derived from the tooth of his arch enemy, Rudy, which is a pale white Dinosaur. I love the way the little weasel gets crazy over things. He can fly a dino-bat, guess i don’t really know the difference from dibo-bat with a¬†pterodactyl (tere-duck-tail). ‘Guess names are not really important. All I know is that this weasel is so strong that he can throw berries at you and you will die.

I would do everything to get the tooth of Rudy!