Russell Peters

Kapwa Kampeon…

Russell Peters is the “Godfather of Indian Comedy”. He is an Indian by race, and a Canadian by culture. He toured the world already armed only by a microphone, and materials not just to make his audience laugh, but also to make them feel that what media does not tell everyone is true.

Russell Peters defines the very thin line between race and culture. Through a scientific approach of observation out of curiosity, he has mastered his art of comic ability. He can mimic slangs and accent of different races like British, American, Jamaican, African, Chinese and of course Indian. He can even speak Filipino-accented english and curse like a hometown Filipino with a famous, “Putang ina, Russell.”

The Unbiased Comic

Normally, if a comic speaks about race and culture, he would tend to become bias over his own race or culture. This is not what Russell Peter is made of. Russell is a Libran; he weighs all sides, get every detail of both before pulling up acts for it. He was brave enough to run a comic of Arabs being dangerous to talk jokes of, but still pulls it off. He ranks cheap to cheapest at Jews-Chinese-Indian schemes. Everyday business on malls and everyday interaction with a diverse culture would be his topic, yet everyone can relate to it. I am sure you would if you can only hear him.

Yes, Russell visited the Philippines already, but it is so sad that his official CD/DVD called “Outsourced” is not in our local markets. The only way we can hear him is through a channel he does not advise of, and that is video streaming and video downloading. I am guilty of such but hey, I am a fan. The next time he goes here, I should know. I should see him live on stage.

I know he only do acts on Canadian comedy bars. So check out his website and know where is his next stand up. Tell him he is great and your Kampeon Ng Pagibig is a fan of him.

A champion of diverse race and culture comics.

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