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Definition: Bayani

Bayani. ano ba ang salitang bayani?

Noong bata pa ako, isang palabas sa TV ang Bayani. Sa ABS-CBN yun. Dun mo mapapanood si Anna at si Noli na nagta-time travel at nangungupit ng mga bagay mula sa mga kwento ng ating mga Bayani. Makikilala mo sina Andres Bonifacio, Gabriela Silang, ang aking lolo na si Gregorio del Pilar, at ang ating pambansang bestfriend na si Jose Protacio Mercado Alonzo y Realonda Rizal. (alyas pepe)

Para sa iba, ang mga bayani ay mga characters na makikita natin sa mga pera. Sila ang nakakasalamuha natin sa araw araw. Ang pinakapaborito ng mga taong ganito ay si Aguinaldo.

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The Internet: Barrio Siete

For about 3 weeks now, I have been monitoring the news and the buzz on the website called BarrioSiete. This wordpress-powered website has a team of Filipino writers from all over the world. With their leader by the name of Reynz, La Kapitana, they would write about anything and everything that concerns not only them, but the Filipino (in whole or in part) as well.

Teka nga lang, bat ba ako nagi ingles na naman. Sa pagbabasa ko sa website nila, natutunan ko na hindi parati dapat na pormal ang pagsusulat. Para sa blogpost ko na ito, pipilitin ko silang gayahin.

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Movie Review: Up

From Disney and Pixar comes another movie designed for kids but can be watched by the adults as well; and the spelling is easier with just 2 letters – “U” and “P”.

This story is about the adventures of a certain guy, Carl Fredricksen. Just like everyone else, he was dreaming of something impossible. But since this is just computer generated, then there should be no problems with it.

Carl wanted to become an explorer, just like his idol, Charles Muntz. When he was kid, as he was daydreaming, he met a girl by the name of Ellie, which then became Carl’s life long partner. They started out with a promise to place their house at the Paradise Falls somewhere in South America. Due to life’s financial challenges, they were unable to start their journey. After Ellie passed away, it is then up to Carl to make this dream come true.

Surely it was a very difficult task, but Carl, now an old Mr. Fredricksen gave a lot of his effort, and he has used some help from a camp-wilderness kid named Russel, a dog, and a bird. They battled out a freak of science that was Charles Muntz, and re-mapped Mr. Fredricksen’s adventure.

It was indeed a very good movie.

For kids, it worked out as an animated film.

For adults, it worked out as a story of dreams and goals, how to achieve them, using some help along the way, and drawing inspiration from someone. I am sure anyone would really love it.

There was about 5 scenes in which I shed some tears. I left them on the theatre house for the next one to wipe off.

Movie Review: GI Joe, Rise of the Cobra

For people who know the storyline of the animated series, it is normal to be disappointed. But for people like me who is nothing but familiar about the action figures and were very young to understand the storyline of the animated series, it is a great thing that these GI Joe’s are human that can live right now in this part of the universe.

The movie is all about MARS industries creating weapons of both defense and offense and some soldiers protecting the weapons of mass destruction. Then a group of freaks and geeks are trying to steal these warheads called nanobites (sounds like a smaller version of a terrabites that you battle on time crisis 4). After that, another group of freaks and geeks, called GI Joes would say, “If all else fail, we do not.”

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