Daily Archives: 2009-08-01

RIP, Tita Cory

As of 3: 18 a.m Manila, August 1 2009, at age 76, our political icon Corazon Aquino joined her creator.

Some say she is the hope of a Philippine Independence, forever fighting for Philippine Democracy. With the situation the country has right now, everyone hopes for someone to stepup just like Cory back in the days. Some people even think about her death as a death to what she is fighting for.

Tita Cory was fighting over a colon cancer for quite sometime now, as reported on several news recently.

Your Kampeon Ng Pagibig is lost of words. This year is a difficult year for us. Icons and heroes on several scenes are passing away. I can only imagine what a party our creator is brewing up in heaven.

Corazon Aquino; true champion of the Filipino Independence.