Hindi dapat parating People Power

People Power is a phenomenon. The idea of it was instated when the need for such was realized. A Bishop, by the name of Cardinal Sin, called for Filipinos to get out of their houses, be at EDSA and topple a dictator. This event placed a humble servant, our very own Cory Auinao, may she Rest in Peace, to the highest office of the land. The rest was history and right now, everybody is saying that the story should not be coming to an end.

As for me, I think it should. In which, I know I would be wrong.

Let me DEFINE what People Power means to me.

People Power is the idea of uniting a set of people, (in the case of our People Power, a whole nation) to overcome an existing idealism that would conquer them if the people are divided. This lesson is innate to our people. If you do remember the moral of the walis-tingting story; which practically talks about the same thing.

The problem about People Power

When the need for this phenomenon arises, it stops everyone of what they should be doing; working for everyday living, managing their investments, focusing on studies, whatever.

People Power obviously is about changing the situation. And reviewing my Physics/Geometry classes, if you would need to change directions, you need to stop.

What I am driving at in here is that, our country can no longer afford pauses. A slight hesitation can cause danger for anyone; just imagine stepping on the brakes on an uphill battle or a freeway drive.

The Need for People Power

Looking into the definition and the simple problem stated above; these simple requirements should be met first, before forcing another People Power. Otherwise, the effort would be a failure, even if it would overcome the greater yet unwanted idealism, simply becuase the ends does not just add up.

We do not need People Power anymore. What we need is for people to start on doing their jobs and earning their keeps. As long as everyone is looking at the same goal and doing what is assigned to them, we have already prevented the need for another People Power.

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  1. puro na lang sila P.Power tas pag tinanong mo kung ano pinaglalaban e hindi naman masagot. ano yun? “Nakisabit Power”? unahin muna nila ang nagugutom na pamilya kesa magpagamit sa politiko

  2. Hi there I like your post

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