Movie Review: GI Joe, Rise of the Cobra

For people who know the storyline of the animated series, it is normal to be disappointed. But for people like me who is nothing but familiar about the action figures and were very young to understand the storyline of the animated series, it is a great thing that these GI Joe’s are human that can live right now in this part of the universe.

The movie is all about MARS industries creating weapons of both defense and offense and some soldiers protecting the weapons of mass destruction. Then a group of freaks and geeks are trying to steal these warheads called nanobites (sounds like a smaller version of a terrabites that you battle on time crisis 4). After that, another group of freaks and geeks, called GI Joes would say, “If all else fail, we do not.”

It is very action packed. Story wise, I would say I love it. There are mini stories that made the Joe’s who they are right now. The power of the programmable nanobites was much exaggerated but very logical, and indeed makes the Cobra enemies powerful.

It looked like the animated series.

Why don’t they just die… I was thinking about that question whenever I see explosions. Yes, there are a lot of pawns falling to the ground but there was no main character that just died.

The only one that I saw falling was the white ninja, but I did not see him close his eyes signalling death.

I recommend everyone to see this movie. For those who do not really know anything about the GI Joe’s, do not worry, just watch and listen to the story and you will know that you are not really missing anything.

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  1. Good fOR yah dat u haD watch it nah..
    me ala pa… Huhuh
    .-= mark´s last blog ..Swine Flu: A video game =-.

  2. inadd na kita sa blog ko…
    .-= Fr. Felmar Castrodes Fiel, svd´s last blog ..KAINAN NG BAYAN =-.

  3. i like GI Joe and my favorite character is Scarlett. i used to watch the cartoon version when i was a teenager

  4. Cobra commander and Duke are two of my favorite GI Joe characters. the movie is great and i am waiting for a sequel of gi joe perhaps maybe next year or so.

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