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Showtime is suspended for 20 days

My favorite pre-noon show “SHOWTIME” is currently suspended.

The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) has ordered the suspension of ABS-CBN’s talent show Showtime for 20 days for the controversial statements of its former hurado or judge, Rosanna Roces against teachers.

Rosanna Roces or Osang called teachers as merely “repeaters” and later on justified her statement by a shocking revelation. ABS-CBN reportedly will file an appeal to the courts to lift the suspension. Meanwhile, Showtime will be temporarily replaced by a new show titled “Magpasikat” where local celebrities will showcase their talents.

MTRCB suspends ABS-CBN’s Showtime for Rosanna Roces incident

I do not really like the way Rosana Roces talked about Teachers. She was so rude in saying that teachers are not teaching anything correct.

From what I heard, it all started with the question, “Why did Jose P Rizal have a middle name Protacio, wherein his mother was Teodora Alonso? Shouldn’t it be an -A- instead?” Since the contestant was not able to answer the question, Ms. Roces blamed it on the teachers.

Here is a copy of the video:

I was not able to watch the episode myself. I was just shocked that the next day, the judges narrowed down from the usual number of 5 to 4.

I myself was a teacher in some parts of my life and I see the profession as my ultimate goal. Although we need to admit the fact that the quality of education we have in this country does not really meet the standards, it should not be broadcast out especially on shows wherein children are watching. The show is promoting entertainment and her comment is not in any way near. Vice Ganda,  somewhat saved the situation but it was just too late.

However, 20 days of suspension is really a long one. I hope they can make amends and put the show on air again asap.