Movie Review: Despicable Me

Just watched Despicable Me with the bloggers last Monday at Newport Cinemas in Resorts World Manila. The movie is very funny. What made it best was, we watched it in 3D.

Despicable Me was about an aspiring villain named Dr Gru. He has resemblance with another villain (from the Batman series) that goes by the name Penguin. He has pointed nose and has an evil heart. All he lacked was finances to fund his evil deeds.

Before the bank of evil funds his projects, he would need to prove the feasibility of his plans first. He was forced to adopt kids from the Girl’s Home to help him steal a shrink ray that would allow him to steal the moon. The story revolved around his adventures with his adopted daughters. A superbad villain is trying to become a superdad.

What I loved about the movie is the introduction of a new breed of Spongebob look-a-like midgets on Bananas in Pyjamas costume called the MINIONS. I swear I heard them a couple of times speaking in Filipino. They would sometimes say, “meron pa” and “boss, eto o!” Each scene with them is hilarious. Even the end part of the movie is a short clip from the minions.

Many thanks to Newport Cinemas for inviting us. We love you.

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