Musical on TV

GLEE, the hottest craze in TV when it comes to musical, can be viewed only at JackTV and ETC. It is all about McKinley High School’s Glee Club wanting to take honor and pride back to their little set of singing and dancing people.

Now on its second season, the series gets to be more and more exciting. I have just seen our very own Charice perform at the highest ranking TV series about a month ago and man, she was great. A true champion that takes the world by storm of songs.

I am now hooked up with the series. I see to it that I can get home during Gleedays and tune in to my TV set just for the show.

The recent episode about duets paired up the characters in a strange way now. I think this is a turning point that everyone should have watched because surprises might come in on the next set of episodes. I hope I am right about this.

So watch out for the series only at JackTV and ETC.

Premieres every Wednesday at 4pm Manila.

With primetime Telecast at 9pm.

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