The Amazing Race Asia Bloggers Viewing PARTY

This is the party!

I have been telling my officemates about it.

We have 2 Teams in the latest The Amazing Race Asia (TARA) carrying the Philippine Flag. They did their best in this race around the globe.We all know the drill, first 1 to get to the final finish line wins a million dollars plus plus plus.

We were watching the latest episode of the series last night at National Sports Grill in Greenbelt3. It was the episode when Rich Hardin was so nervous about doing a bungee. Everyone gave him a round of applause when he overcame that fear.

I believe that round of  applause was louder than when they got first on the finish line.

I was there enjoying the meal, chatting with the other bloggers, and following Richard Herrera’s command of making the beer tower disappear.

I wasn’t able to bring my camera for that night because I was coming off from work. Good thing other bloggers are so kind that they take pictures of whoever poses for it. You may see their albums here and here.

And yeah, I got a picture with Lani Pillinger. I really like her style.

photo courtesy of Azrael

Too bad Jess wasn’t there. I really wanted to congratulate her for their efforts in the saw roadblock.

The Amazing Race Asia premieres every Thursday on AXN 9pm. Let us follow The Riches and The Party Girls as they carry our flag around the globe.

Thanks to Azrael for the invite.
. Thanks to City of Legazpi and Misibis Bay Resort for sponsoring the event. Sa uulitin. Uragons Rule!

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