FB Bday Greeting raffle

Medyo Pakulo lang. Para exciting ang birthday natin.


  1. Like the Fan Pages of Lights Out and Kampeon Ng Pagibig.com
  2. Greet me happy birthday on my facebook wall with this format.
sample greeting

sample greeting

Validity of entries.

  • Only greetings made within May 31, 2011 will be counted as valid.
  • Only greetings that tags Lights Out and Kampeon Ng Pagibig .com will be counted as valid.
  • Greetings can be made in whatever language/dialect.
  • Facebook greetings only.

´╗┐Prize (applicable only if Lights Out fan page reaches 400 Likes and Kampeon Ng Pagibig .com fan page reaches 300 Likes)

  • Movie tickets for 2 in the form of GC for the raffle winner
  • If Likes would double, we will have 2 winners.
  • Raffle is done through FB timestamp raffle.

Salamat Lights Out. Kung wala kayo, hindi naging HAPPY ang bday celebration ko. Eto na ang Talent Fee ninyo. hehe.

´╗┐Sana gumana ito.

0 responses to “FB Bday Greeting raffle

  1. happy birthday pepi!.. sana tumaba kna! ahahah..Lights Out, Kampeon Ng Pag-ibig .com

  2. Ghet U. Mariano

    Happy, Happy Birthday, Pepi:) No matter what happen in your life, God always has the final say. If hard times hit, God can still bless you in a greater way! You will always have God, always get His way and you will be blessed even more:)

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