WordPress 3.3 is Now Out

Isang mabilis na update lang.


WordPress 3.3 is now out. Ang pinakamagandang bagong feature nito ay ang “Add Media” button. Dati kasi, pipindutin mo ang button for image to upload image at button for video to upload a video.

Since pareho naman sila ng ginagawa, minabuti ng WordPress na pag-isahin na lang gamit ang “Add Media” button. Astig di ba?

“Add Media” button ang ginamit ko para ma-insert ang WordPress logo sa taas. Check it out!

0 responses to “WordPress 3.3 is Now Out

  1. my blogs are still blogger hosted, still a noob when it comes to wordpress.

  2. updating my blog now! hehehe

  3. nice .they came up to a bettwer solution. i’m sure bloggers uploading both tne image and video is much easier now.

  4. i can’t relate, blogger user ako. =)

  5. Thanks for sharing this. Though I am not using WordPress for my blog, this will help other bloggers using WordPress.

  6. Salamat sa impormasyon. Gagawin ko ‘yun!

  7. Yes, I’m in 3.3 now and it’s really slick and savvy. Easier to manage. πŸ™‚

  8. may wordpress ako kaso di ko na update.. =(

  9. not ready to update to WP3.3, have to check if my theme and some plug ins will be affected…

    • actually, you need to update your plugins first before the dashboard. makes things easier to track!

  10. I’ve updated some of my blogs already, will do the rest today…

  11. I am not really a wordpress user. I am more comfortable to blogger, but Im planning to use wordpress for my new blog so I can learn new things.

  12. I feel like too much of a pencil pusher when it comes to blogging to switch from blogger to wordpress.. scaredy cat.

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  13. I’m still in blogger. I believe i’ll stay here. WordPress seems to be more focused on blogging and has a lot more options. But I want to stay with convenience.

    Goodjob to wordpress btw!

    • how about getting your own domain name. i think it is best for every blogger to have his own domain name.

  14. wordpress user here!! :)) like like like!!

  15. will this upgrade the previous wp or you need to migrate to it? sayang naman… me wp kasi ako… thanks sa info. Yahweh bless

  16. I have seen this update nga. I would like to update na din. Maybe tomorrow. hehe.

  17. I just hope na matutunan ko na iyang wordpres na iyan, hoping

  18. I will have to check this out. Will update my blogs too.

    • it is a worthy upgrade. took me 3 minutes to update my blog.

      ilan ba blog mo na WordPress ang platform?

  19. Nice to know that. I like WordPress but I am not using WordPress platform. ^_^
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  20. I’ve upgraded one of my old blogs and used it on two of my new blogs. πŸ™‚ Looks ok so far.

  21. I never understood wordpress … blogger pa rin ako πŸ™‚

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