SMB 7107 Celebrations Beer Locator and Events Calendar

This is something new and innovative from San Miguel Beer, the number 1 liquor company in the Philippines.

To support the country’s festivals and celebrations, San Miguel launched its SMB 7,107 Celebrations Web site. Generally, it is all about the Fiestas in the Philippines where party people can enjoy their favorite SMB products.

SMB 7,107 Celebrations

The usual travel peeps must have experienced huge festivities already,;such as Sinuog, Dinagyang and Ati-atihan. But I bet you did not know about small festivities which are as exciting.

Recently, me and a bunch of blogger friends visited Batangas for their lechon/San Juan festival. The parade lasted the whole day and being soaked in water while walking on the streets with lechon was such an experience. I won’t be able to get to the place without having a friend who knows that the festival exists.

San Miguel Beer would be the perfect friend to inform us of such events with their event calendar. All upcoming events where SMB brands are being offered can be found on the page. Check it out here.

For some people who road trip a lot, you may check out the Beer Locator page and check out places where you can get your favorite SMB brands. I for one, would always want a San Mig Light whenever I would have dinner on the road.

A light touch of alcohol is the best social lubricant. Plus, it gives you an easy smile that reflects on your pictures. You may check out the beer locator here.

For people who do everything on their own, planning their own family or barkada trips, looking for places and setting up your schedule would be a pain. One of the features of the Web site will filter your interests and match your activities.

Once the schedule has been set, you may print it out from the Web site and share the itinerary with your Travel Buddies. Check out the Itenerary Planner here.

Yes, 7,107 is quite a big number but I can tell you, with all honesty, that there are more than 7.107 reasons to celebrate in the Philippines.

My first reason would be San Mig Light.

Register now and enjoy San Miguel Beer’s Web pages. Click HERE.

SMB 7107 Celebrations Web site

SMB 7107 Celebrations Web site

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