The 10 Commandments Of Blogging #30DayBlog

day 10 deadline is now

day 10 deadline is now

day 10 loud and proud

day 10 loud and proud



1) Thou shall use the word BLOG only one online media.

2) Thou shall BLOG with a title relevant to your blogpost.

3) Thou shall BLOG on any day possible, not only during Throwback Thursday

4) Thou shall not bash your mommy or daddy in thy BLOG.

5) Thou shall not date back your published blogposts.

6) Thou shall not automatically play music once your blog loads, it is annoying.

7) Thou shall not use another person’s picture as your profile pic in your blog.

8) Thou shall always use commas and spaces whenever applicable. No run ons please.

9) Thou shall not steal another blogger’s published article.

10) Thou shall not live on thy blog alone, get a life!

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