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Undas 2014 Happy All Saints Day

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I say a prayer to those we have loved,
And that we have lost.
Though their existence may have been gone,
Their presence still be remembered.

Those who made us laugh,
For those who made us cry –
Who made it really hard for us
To understand the word goodbye.

And yes we will all be there,
To be with them in a time.
But for now, their memories
Will be in our hearts and in our minds.

Like a book, closed and finished.
A meal ended with desserts.
We will forever cherish the moments,
That we all truly deserve.

As we remember them this day,
A day we stopped every move.
I say a prayer to those we have loved,
And that we have lost.

Be happy in Heaven. I am sure you are coz you are with the greatest comedians we have had. Here is one sample:

Clash Of Clans Cheat To Be Invisible In Attacks


clash of clans

clash of clans

Hi Team.

It has come to my attention that a lot of you are having difficulty entering the Champions league. Be advised that one Genius Filipino, by the name of Luis Tecson, discovered and created the ultimate cheat of being invisible to attackers in the game we all love, Clash of Clans.

He has recently posted this video on his Facebook account that will serve as our guide in replicating the said cheat. All we neeed are the materials as stated below.

Homemade Stylus:

Cotton Buds
Aluminum foil
A pen
Electric Fan

Here is the said video:

Link To Video:

I expect everyone to be on the Champions League while enjoying the breeze of their Standard Electric Fan.

Enjoy and welcome to the league.