Philippine Aguilas VS Korea Tigers on Feb 28, 2015

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Tackle Football is fairly new to the Philippines, but they are fast growing.

Currently with around 50 members that can be sent to exhibition games around Asia and the world, the Philippine Tackle Football team, known as Philippine Aguilas, will host a game at the Emperador Stadium this Saturday, February 28, 2015.

With no support coming from the government nor major sponsors, our team has continued their training program out of love of the game. Funding has come out from their own pocket. If there is a definition of LOVE for the Game, then this must be it.

pilipinas aguilas

pilipinas aguilas

Coached by John Walker and assisted by Coaches Michael Bell, David Vannette, and Braendon Clay, Club Philippine Aguilas looks forward on beating the Koreans in a full game that will increase knowledge and mileage for the game here in the Philippines.

We can support for our team by watching the gfame on site. The stadium’s entrance gate fee is P100 only.

Sponsored by:
Emperador Light, Citylink Coaches, Skippys Bar and Grill, Aguila Auto Glass, Marciano’s Pizza Pasta Steaks, The Philippine Star, Food Club Buffet and Eum-ma-ne.

We can visit the site:
0917 5290821 or 0998 9922665

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