SAMWON Electronics is #GadgetForYourBudget

Each appliance is an investment. It should not only come in as affordable, but reliable as well.

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Being in the business for decades now, Samwon has been moving around themarket from retail stores of the past to the online stores of the present. Their TVs, AVRs, Washing Machines, are Sound Systems now available with Lazada.

Here are some of the items as of writing:


samwon-16-floor-fan from




You may also use the search term SAMWON on the Lazada page.

The latest addition to SAMWON products is the portable speakers- waterproof bluetooth handy speaker. It is perfect for summer outing and pool parties. You can now listen to your playlist as you enjoy swimming and hanging out with your friends at the middle of a swimming pool or even far out of the beach.

Here are more items from Samwon:

You can check out their page here:  Seropédica



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