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Ryan Rems Sarita Talks About Dating An Officemate (July 21, 2015)



Ladies, Your Man Comes To Pick You Up With His Female Friend Seated In The Front Seat. What's Your Next Move?

There IS an unwritten and unspoken rule of the Passenger Seat. If you have a girlfriend, that seat will and always be, a reserved seat for your girlfriend.

passenger seat is for girlfriends

passenger seat is for girlfriends

The internet posted this picture a while back and it caught my attention. There are several comments from my girl friends and I would love to share those comments here:

can you buy isotretinoin over the counter Comment 1: Kristine Vicencio I will look down to see if she has legs. if she does, I will grab her hair and pull her out of the car.

http://disegnoworks.com/portfolio/gaggenau/ Comment 2: Ria De Leon-Casili Hahaha I’ll ride on the back seat and tell her “Yaya could you turn up the airconditioning and switch the radio station? And oh yeah my shades are in the glove compartment” hahaha #maldita

can i order antabuse online Comment 3: Cor Emata Will go down of the car and open her door and yank her hair out of the car. seriously depende sa mood. 1. will go down of the car and tell that I take the cab instead coz seems my seat is already taken. 2. i tell the guy with my mataray na voice kung See More

Comment 4: Carla Fajardo Thing is, my man doesn’t have a car. Oh wait, I don’t have a man. 

Seriously, I will not bitch about it and let her stay in that seat. I’ll be cool about it, be my nice self the whole ride. When it’s time to say goodbye, I’ll tell her this: Today, yoSee More

Comment 5: Delta Calvendra kung kunwari kotse yun ng bf ko papalayasin ko sya in a nice way. pero kung kotse yun ni merlat, yayain ko nlng si bf na bumaba, sasabihin ko may need pa kami daanan at mag-commute nlng kami. grin emoticon

Comment 6: Kezia Noblia Ride in the backseat. Drivers and PAs stay in front.

Well, I do not have a car to begin with, so I would not really feel obliged to comment as of yet. But I do think this should be the best answer for all –

  • Stephanie Stephens My response? “Well, she was there first. First come, first serve. I know most girls would be a bitch about it though. But I’d know he’s mine and not hers. It’s just a seat. She has his front seat, but she doesn’t have his heart. But I’m sure he’d make her move anyway wink emoticon

    Then I asked my boyfriend what he think I’d do. This is the conversation.



    Good for you Timmy. But should your answer would still be the same if the Female Friend on the passenger seat is YOUR MOTHER?


Flash Announcement: Asian Digital Marketing Expo 2015

ADME sutherland payoneer twitter

ADME sutherland payoneer twitter

Dear All,

Because of the overwhelming support we received for the upcoming “Asia Digital Marketing Expo 2015” happening on July 26, 2015 at SMX Aura, Taguig, we will close the advance registration tomorrow by 12 noon.

For Walk Ins, registration fee will be Php 2,500.00.

Again, we are thankful and grateful.

See you all soon.

Grace Bondad Nicolas