Philippine Land Transportation Office Released A Drivers License Of A Guy Not Yet Born

#PureIncompetence #GodBlessThePhilippines #Nakakahiya

Kabobohan sa LTO.

Sasabihan ko sana yung nagpost na tanga siya para ilabas yung information ng dad niya sa internet. nun nakita ko yung katangahan ng LTO, hindi ko na tinuloy.

LTO born 2048

LTO born 2048

Holy smokes!!! Jake & Francis-Julienne, our father hasn’t been born yet!

After renewing his driver’s license last March, Pop finally got it today. After months & months of unbelievably poor service, this happens on top of it all. According to an official government document, my father’s birthday is now the 18th of March in the year 2048.

He was told by LTO Region 11 that all people born in 1948 have been declared having a birth year of 2048 on their driver’s license, thanks to their card printer suppliers. Yeah right, like that makes it not their fault??

And when Pop has to renew in a few years, LTO told him he would have to get validation papers from the NSO to prove that he has, in fact, been born already. Their incompetence and lack of accountability are appalling.

Salamat nang marami, LTO, para sa napaka-entertaining na pangyayari. Matatawa ka na lang eh, kundi ka masiraan ng bait.

Dito ko nakuha ang balita: CLICK HERE.

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