How To View Bills Passed By Philippine Senators

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It came to me. At least where former senators/members of congress/legislators are concerned, we can tell a lot about the candidates’ intentions and priorities based on bills they had authored. And I found that we actually have access to that data!

You can find former senators’ bills at

To view bills per senator:
Click on FILTER.
Under AUTHOR, select the senator whose bills you wish to see.
PRIMARY COMMITTEE, I think, to see bills of all category. Specific areas/categories are available too.
Leave the third option at LEGISLATIVE STATUS if you wish to see all bills, regardless of approval/implementation status. (I’d recommend that, since approval isn’t the point here. smile emoticon )

recto photo from

recto photo from

Some of the candidates’ own websites have this too (and are often made much easier to read through):

Miriam Defensor-Santiago (leads to the same site, but helpfully split up per congress):

Chiz Escudero:…/16th-congress/bills-filed#
Leni Robredo:… and/or
Bong-Bong Marcos:

All the links provided give us access to the full bills too, if you want to read into the details of those that pique your interest.

I don’t know who else I may have missed among the presidentiables/vice presidentiables, but that’s all I’ve found so far.

Anyway, apologies for the long post. It’s been a struggle to research clearer details of their platforms and this still isn’t it(!) but it is something.

This was a discovery helpful to me (and my own voting dilemmas) and I hope it will be for some of you too. smile emoticon

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