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Ikaw kasi, hindi ka agad nagbook. Di ka agad bumili ng tickets.

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Victoria Court is Open for OJT this Summer 2016


If you want to be part of the coolest team in the business, you can send your VIDEO RESUME to for those who wish to apply. Use “OJT application from kampeon ng pag-ibig” as your subject line.

We don’t just sell hotel rooms. We sell imagination.

Victoria Court is a chain of hotels in the heart of Metro Manila. From the moment our guests arrive, they are immediately immersed in an extra sensory environment that is tailor-fit to each uniquely themed room. Want to be Batman for a day? We can do that for you. Is being a princess more your thing? Not a problem. No fantasy is too small for our group of intrepid employees who stop at nothing to make sure that our guests are happy from the time they check-in to the time they checkout. Our state-of-the-art themed suites whisk our guests away to wherever their heart desires. Our talented chefs make sure that each taste bud is tickled with every bite of our award winning dishes.

Victoria Court - Feel The Distinction

Victoria Court – Feel The Distinction

In an industry that is mostly operated in a mom and pop fashion, Victoria Court has broken the industry stereotype and raised the bar for the last 30 years. Setting the standard requires constant reinvention, so we are constantly sharpening the saw and experimenting with ideas to improve ourselves. Our training doesn’t just cover technical aptitude but focuses as well on the holistic development of every employee as inspired by our founder. In short, we spend a lot of time and money in equipping our people because we believe that the key to our success is in them. Happy employees equal happy guests.

Joining the team ensures that, like our rooms, no two days will be alike. You will be working with passionate, fun-loving, and extremely creative individuals whose main goal is to make our guests forget the humdrum of everyday life, even if just for a few hours. With fantastic benefits ensuring the growth of our employees, working with us means that you’ll be working with a smile, day in and day out.

Need more proof? Our former employees are so good that others in our industry hire them no questions asked.

Join us. Feel the distinction.

Everything is REAL with Mr RIGHT



In the tradition of highly-successful romantic action comedies comes a one-of-a-kind love story in “Mr. Right” starring two of Hollywood’s well-sought actors Anna Kendrick and Sam Rockwell.

Anna Kendrick in Mr Right

Anna Kendrick in Mr Right

In “Mr. Right,” Martha (Anna Kendrick) discovers that her new beau, Francis (Sam Rockwell), is a professional assassin… with a cause.  He kills the people ordering the hits. As the bodies pile up, Martha must decide whether to flee or join her man in the mayhem.

Sam Rockwell is that rare Hollywood star who’s equally adept in somber dramas like the most recent Broadway revival “Fool For Love” and BAFTA award-winning “Moon” as he is playing quirky characters in such black-humored action fare “Seven Psychopaths” and “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.” When director Paco Cabezas met with the actor in late 2012, Rockwell immediately responded to Mr. Right ‘s subversive sense of humor. “I said ‘yes’ right away because Max Landis wrote a really fun script that reminded me of movies like “Grosse Point Blank” in the way it mixed action and romantic comedy,” he says. “I saw Mr. Right as being kind of like Mr. and Mrs. Smith-meets-Silver Lining Playbook where you have two dysfunctional bi-polar type people who find each other. They’re both hot messes, on edge and scary. Francis and Martha might freak other people out, but they don’t freak each other out.”

Sam Rockwell and Anna Kendrick

Sam Rockwell and Anna Kendrick

Mr Right

Mr Right


Kendrick also sparked to Mr. Right because she knew Rockwell would be playing the title role. “I always pictured Mr. Right as Sam,” she says. “I knew he would bring amazing energy to the character. He makes you love this guy who’s killing people. but because it’s Sam playing Francis, you’re rooting for him.”

Producer Jacobs says “Often times with movies in this genre, you see the female lead running scared once the gunfire starts. We needed to find an actress who had that America’s sweetheart girl next door quality, but underneath all of that, in Mr. Right, the gunfire kind of turns Martha on. Anna knew how to pull off that turn.”

The movie veered away from using CGI trickery in favor of old-fashioned physical fisticuffs. “I’m tired of watching action movies plagued with digital effects where nothing is real,” Cabezas explains. “In Mr. Right, everything’s real. Sam Rockwell did 99 percent of the action himself, and he did it with grace and speed.”

Holding his...

Holding his…

Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick

Rockwell rose to the live-action challenge. “I’m not formally trained as a dancer but I have been boxing off and on for twenty years so that helped a lot with the lateral movement, feet agility, that kind of crap,” Rockwell explains. “It’s all the same stuff.”

Blending dancing, violence and romance into one-of-a-kind hybrid entertainment, Mr. Right aims to seduce audiences with its twisted take on the classic boy-meets-girl formula. “I don’t have a clue how to categorize this movie, and that’s what I love about Mr. Right,” says Cabezas. “It’s funny, it’s a thriller, it has action and a lot of heart. In that sense, it’s an explosive cocktail. I love movies that are great roller coasters of emotion, where you never know what to expect. I hope people who see Mr. Right  have a laugh and have a good time and say ‘Wow, I wasn’t expecting that.'”

Rated R16 by the MTRB, “Mr. Right” opens April 6 in cinemas from Pioneer Films.


Tinder Date: Miss Poveda

Another Tinder Date.

I always do Tinder Dates on a Sunday – after Football practice. Usually, a movie date. This time, it is Eastwood’s Miss Poveda.

Pagkatapos ng football practice sa Army field, diretso na ko sa Splice Greenfield para humabol sa HugotKings. Buti nasa gitna pa ng 2nd set of performances at si Rod Marmol pa ang nasa harap ng stage. May binabasa siyang piyesa galing sa libro niya na available na ngayon sa National Bookstore. Siya ang author ng Utot Catalog.

Dun ko na inantay ang Tinder Date ko na si Miss Poveda. Continue reading