Whiskey and Vodka ; My Quick Summer Siren Festival Fling


Summer Siren 2016 officially opens the summer party season. It was held at Crystal Beach, san Narciso Zambales last April 8-10, 2016. With more than 30 bands and DJs, the beach was full of fun activities, parties, music, dancing, and flirting.

At kahit andun ako for work, hindi ako nagpahuli.

Day Bar Duty. photo by Karen

Day Bar Duty. photo by Karen

I was tasked to man the bars. Day Bar during 2pm-6pm and the Second Bar during 10pm-2am. I know, walang oras pumarty. Pagtapos ng shift, halos patapos na rin ang tugtugan. Kung hindi ka pagod, pagod na yung mga kaparty mo.

Buti na lang may mga makukulit at may mga masasayang party people na umo-order sa bar ko.

She was pretty, wearing flowers on her head like a real party-goer. Quite small, yet charming. I believe she is from Manila. Basta hindi siya local. She is with 2 of her friends na couple. Third Wheel siya.

Twice she visited my bar. ordered Evan-Bull, my kind of Whiskey – Red Bull mix. I mistakenly gave her Sky-Bull (Vodka – Red Bull mix), which caused us to argue a good fifteen minutes. When I say argue, I meant flirting.

Para sa akin, flirting na yun. That’s the closest thing that I can get to it. On the job ako e.

The whole time, she used Whiskey to call me, and I in return called her Vodka; or the other way around. Di ko na maalala. I also didn’t have the time to ask for her name.

Para makabawi dun sa mali kong ginawa. I accompanied he to her friends, carried their drinks down to the party zone, gave a quick dance before coming back to my station to battle out a dozen more people waiting at the bar.

Once my shift was over, I picked up my lightsaber and my got myself a full glass to drink. Walking around, I hoped to see her again, or her friends, but it never happened. Bumped to couple of familiar faces but I was not searching for them.

wielding at the beach. baka mapansin niya ang giant glowstick ko

wielding at the beach. baka mapansin niya ang giant glowstick ko

The Crowd at Summer Siren. photo by Poms Yapching

The Crowd at Summer Siren. photo by Poms Yapching


I hope to see and party with Vodka once again. Baka makakuha kami ng magandang Whiskey-Vodka mix. Who knows.

For now, I will look at the pictures taken at Summer Siren, baka dun, makita ko pa siya: https://www.facebook.com/SummerSirenFestival/
Summer Siren April 8  -A
Summer Siren April 9 – 5
Summer Siren April 9 – 4
Summer Siren April 9 – 3
Summer Siren April 9 – 2
Summer Siren April 9 – 1

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