#MMFF2016 Review : Saving Sally

I can say that this is the first movie of its kind. Animation na nagpasok lang ng human characters.

I enjoyed the inventions, the puns, the scenery; all of which can only be seen sa utak ng isang artist.

Geeks rule this time. Be very ready sa nosebleed type of English na akala ko e hindi ko na makikita sa MMFF. Akala ko talaga, pang conyo na yung Vince & Kath & James, may mas ko-conyo pa pala dun.

If you are Alta enough but you are hesitant to watch an MMFF this year, I say you must rethink about Saving Sally.

There are so many gems and gold bars in the movie. Wag mong aalisin ang mga mata mo sa maliliit na details ng eksena. If you have time to rewatch the movie, wag mo panoorin ang nangyayari sa characters. Mas enjoy maghunt ng hidden gems na matatagpuan sa background.

saving sally

saving sally

The story is linear. Simple. Typical na boy meets girl and he wanted to save her. What makes it really different is how you can let your imagination take you.

Also, there is an after credits scene. Wag muna lumabas ng sinehan. 

Let me think about seeing a fifth movie for this day. Kain muna ako.

Congrats whianwhamos.

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