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Gathering Ng Mga Hokage Ngayong April 15-16 sa Splash Island

The world of ninjas is having a bootcamp. Aspiring shuriken users and ninjutsu wielders will gather in a secret place called the “Splash Island” this coming April 15 and 16 to learn about basic Parkour, Archery, Obstacles, and songs. Camping is not required but if you do, there will be a lot of fun.

Etchos lang yung songs. Di ko yun sure.

There is a 650 pesos over the counter fee if you want to join. Pero para sa mga may alam ng secret, http://jennmolo.com/admin/upload.php 500 pesos lang siya, kung magre-register ka until April 13. You can click the link here. https://goo/gl/forms/ihzvXwTKJ4d07lW73 Continue reading