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Nalaman Ko Na Kaya Ko Pala Magmahal Ng Ganun

Each person has its own capacity to love. One may be able to love stronger and deeper than the other. The other, may show love in a language different from his partner. Our capacity would be different based on several factors; this, is what I learned from our the recent launch of 2,000 children in 1,000 hours campaign of World Vision.

World Vision's 2000 in 1000

World Vision’s 2000 in 1000

Mahabang panahon ang 1,000 hours. Maraming pwedeng mangyari. Yung last 2 minutes nga sa basketball, nahahabol pa ni Bal David ang 13 points na kalamangan ng kalaban. Walang impossible.

So how can we achieve this? Una, kailangan natin masukat ang capacity natin na magmahal, para alam natin kung magkano ang kaya natin ibigay.

Bab Ezzouar Capacity To Love is learned.
Jasmin Curtis-Smith has been in support of World Vision for 5-6 years now. She started to sponsor a child while Continue reading