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Huwag Natin Lokohin Ang Sarili Natin, Hindi NakakaPAYAT Ang Chia Seeds

May craze tungkol sa maliliit na buto na ito na galing sa disyerto at nagiging sago pag hinalo sa tubig. Nakakapayat daw ito. Napa-isip ako mga babidi… Parang hindi naman.

Ang ginagawa kasi ni Soprano One, tinitimplahan ako ng Bear Brand Adult Plus at hinahaluan niya ng Chia seeds. Ang ginagamit niyang baso, yung beer glass ko na galing pa kay Gellert Grindelwald. Anlaki ng baso na yun, pangmahaba-habang inuman. Buti na lang at hati kami. Hindi ako ang umuubos ng lahat.

At paano daw gumagana ang Chia Seeds?

Ganito kasi yun. Ang konsepto daw ng Chia Seeds – it retain water. Nagb-bloat siya sa loob ng tiyan mo at feeling ng katawan mo – busog ka na. Pag busog ka na daw, hindi ka na raw kakain. Ganun Yun.

Pang Mr Q and A yung previous paragraph; nagsimula sa Ganito kasi yun, at natapos sa Ganun Yun. Ulitin natin mamaya ng Isa Pa, With Feelings.

Yung Isa Pa, With Feelings, pelikula naman yun ni Maine Mendoza at Carlo Aquino sa Black Sheep Productions. Wala lang, nabanggit ko lang. Showing nakasi yun sa October 16 – at nagyayaya si Soprano One manood. Ang tanong, sino magaalaga ke Sydney Sanggol pag nag-sine kami.

Balik tayo sa Chia Seeds.

Ang problema sa mga kagaya ko na may taglay na kulit. kumakain pa kahit busog na. That means, walang kwenta ang Chia seeds. Hindi ka naman pwedeng magdagdag ng Chia seeds sa katawan – dahil nga, nagdagdag ka lang ng problema.

Naniniwala kasi ako na hindi nakakaresolba ng problema ang pagdagdag ng problema. You can’t talk peace and have a gun.

Ang tunay na pagpapapayat ay ang HINDI pagkain; skipping meals, intermittent fasting, no rice diet, skipping snacks. Mga ganun.

Ganito kasi yun. Kung gusto mong pumayat – wag kang kumain. Ganun yun.

Hindi mo kailangan dayain ang sarili mo na busog ka, kung ang totoo-gutom ka naman. Dapat, ipatanggap mo sa sarili mo na gutom ka, para i-convert ng katawan mo ang stored fats mo into energy na gagamitin mo sa mga nakakapagod na activities mo sa isang araw – gaya ng panonood ke sir Raffy Tulfo sa Youtube. Dapat, hayaan mong ang katawan mo ang natural na mag-produce ng chemicals para tunawin ang mga taba mo. Dapat, wag kang umasa sa outside forces kung gusto mong ayusin ang problema sa relationship ninyo.

Gets mo ba?

Teka, nga, Timpla muna ako Bear Brand Adult Plus.

Getting Fit in 2018 with Swim Bike Run dot PH

Happening to a near side-by-side with the Award’s Night is the SBR EXPO, a retailers event showcasing items all geared to the needs of a tri-athlete. New retailers will join in the event showing their wares that are health related in nature that both athletes and non-sport minded individuals may be interested in. This is an open to all event, regulars of the mall can also enjoy the items offered on those days.

The first of all the races will take place in April which is the AQUAMAN (Aquathlon), followed by the DUAMAN (Duathlon) in May and capping it all off with the TRIMAN (Triathlon) in June; registration for all SBR events is now open to all interested individual and enjoy an early bird discount.

Part of SBR’s plan for this year is to launch a race event for kids and PWD’s – a group that shows promise in terms of growth, recognition and possible fair market locally and abroad. Mr. De Guzman believes that the sport should be made open to all ages, sex and physical condition and still maintains the element of simple enjoyment without the normal pressure of a very dynamic and demanding sport. He aims to bring the sport nationwide and have it set on the natural terrain of the province that he goes to.


What started as a simply desire by a tri-athlete is now a growing e-commerce and triathlon event group serving the growing local fans and enthusiasts of the sports, thus is born in 2011. ( is the brainchild of a Carlos de Guzman, a tri-athlete with a passion for the sports. With the fire burning strong, a community is now formed that is continuously growing and inspiring lives. is an online store that caters to the gear needs of tri-athletes and/or those that are simply into running, swimming and cycling. He has shirts, socks, caps, drinking bottles, monitor watches, goggles, support straps and such made available on his site. He can also give support to some cyclist needs such as wheels.

Carlos de Guzman conceptualized a whole tri-series event designed for beginners and come-backers. This locally produced event is set to have the participants beat their own time in their own pace, letting them enjoy the whole experience of being part of this sport. The logic behind this is to help the participant develop their own confidence and needed strength without the pressure of an outside time meter. They build their strength and stamina and when they are ready, then they can fully try-out the other triathlon events in the country. That is why he developed the whole sports event in a segmented pattern – the Aquaman (Aquathlon), the Duaman (Duathlon) and the Triman (Triathlon). These allowed interested individuals to try out a segment first, build his confidence and strength, move to the next, and rebuild his strength again, till he is ready for the whole thing. It also became a retraining ground for those who were out of the circuit for a time, making it a place for beginners and elites to meet and know one another and have their stories shared – flowing freely within the growing community.

After cultivating the soil for interaction, what better way to make it prosper by having a recognition activity and an expo thus the Award’s Night and SBR Expo was born. This became a much attended event by the growing community of Enthusiast of the sports gets to be truly interactive by nominating their favorites and voting for those who qualified the nomination stage. Winner gets to get the accolade that they deserve from the community that they are part of. With the expo, runners, cyclist and swimmers get to see, choose and purchase sport’s items in one location. It also became a meet and greeting ground for tri-athletes, community member or enthusiast they may be. Expo retailers get to show their latest ware and enjoy a day or two of greeting, friendly haggling and seeing familiar and new faces in the sports.

From e-commerce to events maker to recognition and a growing home grown community, is truly making it strong and will push the envelope, opening new venues this 2018.

A Foodie Reminder for the Holidays – Doc Pao Bellosillo

Panahon na naman ng christmas salu-salo. Kabi-kabila an mga party na nakalinya para sa atin. Ako nga, nakakatatlong Christmas Party na ako – and everytime na pumupunta ako, nakakarami ako ng kain.

Tumataba na rin ako. Yung katawan ko, “Father Figure” na. Sakto lang din naman to dahil in a few months, lalabas na si Baby Atsyne.

Kaso lang, pag pinagpatuloy ko ang hindi pag watchout sa kinakain ko, baka hindi ko na abutan ang debut ni Atsyne. Buti andyan si Doc Pao para magpaalala kung ano ang proper diet upang maiwasan ang sickness nating mga millenials.

Eto ang maiksing interview sa kanya:

1.      With the advent of new sicknesses sprouting left and right, how do you feel your field of study can help in alleviating or avoiding these sicknesses?

Diseases are caused not by genetic predisposition alone but by the imbalance in health brought about by excess toxins and nutritional deficiencies that one has, given by their lifestyle and environmental factors.  Prevention and early detection of these imbalances without any invasive procedures can help build a cascade of well being starting with one person to a family to a community all the way to a country.  Usually when symptoms manifest the diseases have already taken a toll. Hence for chronic and degenerative diseases best practices of medical systems can be applied but for acute once conventional medicine can work well with integrative therapies that allow people to feel like people when they are treated.  We just got to preserve the humanity of each person from early detection through treatment proper and post treatment covering all aspects of life touching the areas of the a Body, Mind and Soul.  Going to the roots would help alleviate people from suffering. When symptoms manifest, disease would have already progressed by then. Why not prepare the bodies protection and defence mechanism to be resilient to internal and external threats.

In the Philippines the inevitable rise of deaths due to heart, stroke and cancer can very much be reduced by early detection and preventive management of care that looks at a person’s well being as a whole.

2.      What is the main thing that people can do to avoid getting sick in this day and age where everything that we eat has pesticide and is considered unhealthy?

Being healthy is a choice. First make that choice. Know your Food sources, types of Marco Nutrients, proper portioning and utilize technologies that purify or cleanse your food. Toxin bioaccummulate in our food sa best is to go for organic or partial. When organic food is not available technologies such as an ozonator may be used for detoxifying fish, beef, chicken, pork and vegetables. It may also be used to purify The water we drink and air we breathe.  Proper detox uses Smart portioning, Smart Sourcing, Smart supplements and Smart technologies.  To know more about this
you may seek advise at Health Is In Center.. We’d be glad to advise you on your detox needs from Food-Environment-Self.

3.      What are three things that people need to have in their life to live a life of quality?

Peace and harmony of Body, Mind and Spirit wherein Holistic and Integrative specialists like me Cam assist them with.  Only Whole Medical Systems and Integrative Medicine whose understanding the said three planes. Healing is not summarized into a pill but the smooth balance between the three principle factors of life, it is a way of life.

4.      What are the top foods they need to avoid to lessen the possibility of becoming toxic or sick?

Acid forming food such as:
Chips, fatty oily food usually seen in innards, French fries, usually the preserved meats, carbonated drinks, cakes and pastries.  The key here is moderation in portioning and frequency.  Life is fair, we functional supplements and technologies can help reduce toxicity.

Way back then I enjoyed sisig, Crispy pata or even chicharon bulaklak and having seen their impacts on hardening and clogging of arteries, I opted to abstain but was able to appreciate them when I took them in moderation w specific supplements and technologies plus fitness Programs that allow me to detox.   It is no joke for blood vessels especially of the heart and brain to be clogged or stiff to trigger a heart attack or stroke.  Another key in moderation is know your limits.  We have natural ways and technological ways to determine stiffness and clogging of arteries.  This way we can avoid a trip to the emergency room or intensive care unit.

5.      What can you advise as an expert in your field that people do to be healthier, more positive, and have a life that can reach to their 80s?

Healing begins w a decision, get organized know your excess toxins and nutritional deficiencies through the help of preventative technological assessements. From there lets walk through a program that allows you to live well and long encompassing cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, muskoskeletal, respiratory and many more organ system needs by applying the best practices  that naturopathic, allopathic, homeopathic, ayurvedic and chinese medical systems has to offer  to ensure stability and growth from cellular to system needs.  Totality is the way to go. Integrative medicine would bring together another means to make you experience the best pairing of what east and west has to offer.  If what we do helps one lengthen or strengthen telomeres, battle or neutralize freeradicals, prevent proliferation of pathogens that reflect positive ions, improve cell function and then help create stem cells or protect the DNA of your cells, then 80 would be the new average life expectancy for all.  Onward to 100 years.

6.      What’s your wish for mankind?

Peace and harmony to the hearts and minds of all, afterall we are one humanity.
Celebrate Life, Love and Laugh.
For each to Live A Legacy.


Doc Pao on the secrets to a long life

Doc Pao on the secrets to a long life

Doc Pao Bellosillo

Doc Pao Bellosillo

Bakit Ka Ba Tumatakbo?

“Enjoy siya, lalo pag kasama ang barkada!” – squadgoals president
“Para ma-spot natin ang race bib ng mga chicks” – babaerong runner
“To become healthy” – sagot ng friend natin na overweight
“Dahil hinahabol ako ng pulis” – pag snatcher ang tinanong.

“Ayoko na maiwan ulit” – pag Kampeon Ng Pagibig
“To live longer and enjoy the company of my daughter” – Dingdong Dantes
“I want to partake my knowledge, and inspire our first Gold Medal Olympian” – Coach Rio.

Marami tayong kanya-kanyang mga hugot sa pagtakbo. May kanya-kanya tayong dahilan, but we all come together para sa isang goal… ang makalagpas sa Finish Line.

Kampeon Ng Pagibig for Runrio Trilogy 2017

Kampeon Ng Pagibig for Runrio Trilogy 2017

Promking, ang ikalima sa mga KnP with Afroman Coach Rio

Promking, ang ikalima sa mga KnP with Afroman Coach Rio

This is what the Run Rio Trilogy is all about. It creates space, a venue, a fiesta, a gathering specifically for running. This is its 7th year of THE Trilogy, and it’s legs will be named after their longest distances; namely 21k, Afroman 32k, and Philippine Marathon 42k.

Mahaba ba? Nakakapagod ba? Di mo ba kaya? 

Simulan mo na ang pagtakbo. May cutoff yan! Yung start and finish line, nasa Okada Manila. Mag-check in ka na rin dun.

Did I mention, Adidas is one of the partners? Di pa ba?

Na-mention ko na rin ba na ang Race Shirt ay tatak Adidas? Di niyo pa alam? Promise, ang ganda ng pagka-blue niya. Parang yung suot ko lang kanina.

Pero alam ninyo, may ishe-share ako sa inyo… Medyo juicy.

Promise! Mabaog!

Bago yan, tignan muna natin ang poster ng Runrio Trilogy, at mag-decide tayo kung anong distance ang tatakbuhin ninyo.

RunRio Trilogy 2017 Registration Fees

RunRio Trilogy 2017 Registration Fees

Game na? Eto na…

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