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John Cena is now a Cartoon Monster with Ferdinand

                In the tradition of beloved animals from children’s classic tales comes a gentle giant with a heart of gold in “Ferdinand” – starring the voice of wrestling superstar John Cena along with Gina Rodriguez, Kate McKinnon, Bobby Cannavale and Anthony Anderson.


                Directed by Carlos Saldanha, who also helmed global blockbuster animation films such as “Rio,” “Ice Age” and “Robots”, “Ferdinand” is a Blue Sky Studios feature that tells the unlikely and delightful story of a bull who prefers flowers to fighting.  John Cena stars as the voice of the titular character, a peace-loving animal with no desire to battle matadors, like the rest of the herd, which makes him an outsider.  At the ranch where he’s expected to train for the bullring, he meets Lupe, supposedly a calming goat, but in fact she is brash and feisty. The two become fast friends. Action-packed, funny and heartwarming, the film explores resonant themes of authenticity, courage and what home really means.

                Set in Spain, “Ferdinand” relates the journey of a charming, fun-loving bull. A gentle giant, Ferdinand loves to smell the flowers and play in the fields, but has no interest in fighting. He’s different from his peers and that leads to bullying from the other bulls. When his beloved father leaves the ranch and doesn’t come back, Ferdinand embarks on a journey to find a new home where he will be accepted unconditionally. He finds a beautiful farm in the countryside and is taken in by the kind farmer and his daughter, Nina. Becoming part of a loving family, Ferdinand is free to play in the fields among the flowers.

                But everything changes when Ferdinand goes to a flower festival in the local town, where people mistake the massive bull as a vicious beast. Because of his cumbersome size, he creates havoc throughout the town and gets taken away from the family he loves.

                “Ferdinand” is based on the book “The Story of Ferdinand” by Munro Leaf and Robert Lawson. This classic has been in publication for over seventy-five years, been translated into more than sixteen languages, and is included on TIME’s 100 Best Children’s Books of All Time.


Twentieth Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios present "Ferdinand."

Twentieth Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios present “Ferdinand.”

                The book’s message of amity and acceptance is as relevant today as it was when it first came out, and serves as the perfect opportunity for parents to share this moral with even the youngest of children.

                “Ferdinand” will open January 8 in cinemas nationwide from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.

The #SeeTheWorld Campaign By AirAsia and World Vision Started by…

Isang araw, nagpunta sa isang city sa Mindanao ang magkaibigan na sina Aira Aseana at Kuya Foydi.

Aira Aseana: Maganda naman ang Mindanao a, bakit hindi pa ganun kabilis ang pagdevelop nila dito?

Kuya Foydi: May talent dito. Masasaya ang mga tao. Marurunong makisalamuha at mabilis matuto. Wala lang silang oportunity para matupad mga pangarap nila.

Aira Aseana: Aba, I think everyone should have to #SeeTheWorld. Dapat lahat ng tao may equal chances. Alam mo bestie, dapat talaga mabigyan sila ng suporta. Sinu-sino ba ang mga tumutulong sa kanila ngayon?

Kuya Foydi: May kakilala ako. Alam ko nandito lang din sila sa Davao e. Mahilig sa Durian yun.

After a few minutes of walking, narating nila ang tindahan ng Durian. Sakto, andun ang friend ni Kuya Foydi na si Atlas Cornea.

Atlas Cornea: Uy Foydi! Andito ka pala.

Kuya Foydi: Sakto! Natanggap mo pala yung text ko. Buti nandito ka sa Minda.

Atlas Cornea: Oo, sakto nga at nagki-crave ako ng Durian.

Kuya Foydi: Atlas, papakilala ko sayo ang seksi kong friend na si Aira Aseana. Aira, meet Atlas.

Atlas Cornea: May friend ka pala na mala-flight attendant ang tindig. Hi Aira, kumusta?

Aira Aseana: (Kilig na hindi pinahalata), Okay lang…

Kuya Foydi: Uy, bagay kayo ha. It’s like the sky meets the earth on an ENDLESS HORIZON.


Sa tagpong ito nagsimula ang friendship ng AirAsia at ng World Vision. After eating sa isang masarap na raestaurant na sa isang palengke lang sa Davao matatagpuan, they were able to decide on a project.

It is called the #SeeTheWord campaign.

For every flight booked in AirAsia this December, regardless of the flight schedules, AirAsia will donate LIMANG PISO to World Vision. This will help the foundation educate Filipinos around the country and create a playing field.

Singer / song writer / lodi ng mga rapper na si Quest – is aiming for 5 million pesos in booking. This is not imposible, he says.

Kuya mong Christian Bautista who agrees, just like how his songs agree with the Mandaluyong Children’s Choir.

#SeeTheWorld campaign with AirAsia X WorldVision

#SeeTheWorld campaign with AirAsia X WorldVision

mandaluyong childrens choir

mandaluyong childrens choir

with kuya mo christian bautista

with kuya mo christian bautista

with lodi ng mga walang imposible - quest

with lodi ng mga walang imposible – quest

Kaya naman kung may plano kayong lumipad and #SeeTheWorld in 2018, please book them this December in AirAsia and help a WorldVision scholar #SeeTheWorld for himself.

A Foodie Reminder for the Holidays – Doc Pao Bellosillo

Panahon na naman ng christmas salu-salo. Kabi-kabila an mga party na nakalinya para sa atin. Ako nga, nakakatatlong Christmas Party na ako – and everytime na pumupunta ako, nakakarami ako ng kain.

Tumataba na rin ako. Yung katawan ko, “Father Figure” na. Sakto lang din naman to dahil in a few months, lalabas na si Baby Atsyne.

Kaso lang, pag pinagpatuloy ko ang hindi pag watchout sa kinakain ko, baka hindi ko na abutan ang debut ni Atsyne. Buti andyan si Doc Pao para magpaalala kung ano ang proper diet upang maiwasan ang sickness nating mga millenials.

Eto ang maiksing interview sa kanya:

1.      With the advent of new sicknesses sprouting left and right, how do you feel your field of study can help in alleviating or avoiding these sicknesses?

Diseases are caused not by genetic predisposition alone but by the imbalance in health brought about by excess toxins and nutritional deficiencies that one has, given by their lifestyle and environmental factors.  Prevention and early detection of these imbalances without any invasive procedures can help build a cascade of well being starting with one person to a family to a community all the way to a country.  Usually when symptoms manifest the diseases have already taken a toll. Hence for chronic and degenerative diseases best practices of medical systems can be applied but for acute once conventional medicine can work well with integrative therapies that allow people to feel like people when they are treated.  We just got to preserve the humanity of each person from early detection through treatment proper and post treatment covering all aspects of life touching the areas of the a Body, Mind and Soul.  Going to the roots would help alleviate people from suffering. When symptoms manifest, disease would have already progressed by then. Why not prepare the bodies protection and defence mechanism to be resilient to internal and external threats.

In the Philippines the inevitable rise of deaths due to heart, stroke and cancer can very much be reduced by early detection and preventive management of care that looks at a person’s well being as a whole.

2.      What is the main thing that people can do to avoid getting sick in this day and age where everything that we eat has pesticide and is considered unhealthy?

Being healthy is a choice. First make that choice. Know your Food sources, types of Marco Nutrients, proper portioning and utilize technologies that purify or cleanse your food. Toxin bioaccummulate in our food sa best is to go for organic or partial. When organic food is not available technologies such as an ozonator may be used for detoxifying fish, beef, chicken, pork and vegetables. It may also be used to purify The water we drink and air we breathe.  Proper detox uses Smart portioning, Smart Sourcing, Smart supplements and Smart technologies.  To know more about this
you may seek advise at Health Is In Center.. We’d be glad to advise you on your detox needs from Food-Environment-Self.

3.      What are three things that people need to have in their life to live a life of quality?

Peace and harmony of Body, Mind and Spirit wherein Holistic and Integrative specialists like me Cam assist them with.  Only Whole Medical Systems and Integrative Medicine whose understanding the said three planes. Healing is not summarized into a pill but the smooth balance between the three principle factors of life, it is a way of life.

4.      What are the top foods they need to avoid to lessen the possibility of becoming toxic or sick?

Acid forming food such as:
Chips, fatty oily food usually seen in innards, French fries, usually the preserved meats, carbonated drinks, cakes and pastries.  The key here is moderation in portioning and frequency.  Life is fair, we functional supplements and technologies can help reduce toxicity.

Way back then I enjoyed sisig, Crispy pata or even chicharon bulaklak and having seen their impacts on hardening and clogging of arteries, I opted to abstain but was able to appreciate them when I took them in moderation w specific supplements and technologies plus fitness Programs that allow me to detox.   It is no joke for blood vessels especially of the heart and brain to be clogged or stiff to trigger a heart attack or stroke.  Another key in moderation is know your limits.  We have natural ways and technological ways to determine stiffness and clogging of arteries.  This way we can avoid a trip to the emergency room or intensive care unit.

5.      What can you advise as an expert in your field that people do to be healthier, more positive, and have a life that can reach to their 80s?

Healing begins w a decision, get organized know your excess toxins and nutritional deficiencies through the help of preventative technological assessements. From there lets walk through a program that allows you to live well and long encompassing cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, muskoskeletal, respiratory and many more organ system needs by applying the best practices  that naturopathic, allopathic, homeopathic, ayurvedic and chinese medical systems has to offer  to ensure stability and growth from cellular to system needs.  Totality is the way to go. Integrative medicine would bring together another means to make you experience the best pairing of what east and west has to offer.  If what we do helps one lengthen or strengthen telomeres, battle or neutralize freeradicals, prevent proliferation of pathogens that reflect positive ions, improve cell function and then help create stem cells or protect the DNA of your cells, then 80 would be the new average life expectancy for all.  Onward to 100 years.

6.      What’s your wish for mankind?

Peace and harmony to the hearts and minds of all, afterall we are one humanity.
Celebrate Life, Love and Laugh.
For each to Live A Legacy.


Doc Pao on the secrets to a long life

Doc Pao on the secrets to a long life

Doc Pao Bellosillo

Doc Pao Bellosillo

“Only the Brave” Based on True Story of the Most Courageous Team of Firefighters in US

Firefighters are one of the bravest people on earth, they go through intensive training and take extreme risks just to save the people in danger around us. But when a wildfire that goes downhill very fast, a team of highly trained firemen gets tested in the fire of their lives.

Starring American Award-winning actor Josh Brolin (“Milk”), Miles Teller (“Fantastic Four”) Jeff Bridges (“Iron Man”) and Academy Award winning actress Jennifer Connelly (“A Beautiful Mind”) comes a film that tells the story of the bravest people from the sixth deadliest fire in American history.

Only The Brave casts

Only The Brave casts

“Only the Brave” tells the heroic story of the Granite Mountain Hotshot firefighters, a unit of local firefighters who are dubbed as the “SEAL team six of firefighters”, through hope, determination, sacrifice, and the drive to protect families, communities, and our country they become one of the most elite firefighting teams in the United States.

As most run away from the danger of fires, they come together and run to it. They are there for to protect everything and everyone, and one fire causes them to forge a unique brotherhood that nothing can replace.

Directed by Joseph Kosinski (“Tron Legacy”) the film is packed with Hollywood’s highly versatile actors. Taylor Kitsch (“John Carter”), James Badge Dale (“World War Z”, “Iron Man 3”), Scott Haze (“The Vault”), Alex Russell (“Carrie”), Geoff Stults (“Grace and Frankie”), and Ben Hardy (“X-Men Apocalypse”).

The film is sure to touch your hearts and souls and give a deeper importance to the role of firefighters in the world, seeing them in a new light wherein they give everything they can to protect the community, their family and everyone around them.

Only the Brave hits theaters October 18 and is distributed by Pioneer Films. Trailer link –