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World-class Pump Track Action at The Bike Playground’s First Anniversary

MANILA, Philippines – April 2018 – As the first and only bike park in the country, The Bike Playground celebrated another milestone with its first anniversary event. Last April 7, 2018, The Bike Playground held the Red Bull Pump Track World Championships qualifier, an exhilarating global race series that took local pump track racing to new heights, and welcomed local biking enthusiasts from all over the country.

This was held as one of the qualifier events that are undertaken in cities around the world, which will culminate with the grand final to be held on September 7, 2018 in Lenzerheide, Switzerland. This is set to coincide with the world-renowned Union Cycliste Internationale Mountain Bike (UCI MTB) World Championships, where the official Pump Track World Champion will be named in the finals.

For the Philippine leg of the competition, Jericho Farr takes the win in Manila for the men’s category, with Lea Denise Belgica taking the top spot in the women’s.

With heart-pumping bike exhibitions to thrill the crowd, The Bike Playground’s anniversary also featured Dutch professional mountain biker Joost Wichman, winner of the 2013 UCI Championship, World Cup racer, Radon Factory rider & team manager, and celebrity in the biking world was present as a participant in the Philippine leg of the qualifiers.

The global race series is being jointly undertaken by Red Bull and Velosolutions.

Velosolutions is globally known for its pump track and bike park construction, and is also the name behind the superior offerings of The Bike Playground’s first-rate facilities. Headed by international designer and mountain bike luminary Claudio Calouri, Velosolutions offers customized solutions for various cycling needs.

A top-notch facility that promotes cycling as an activity that can be enjoyed by all, the Bike Playground offers bike rentals and assistance from highly skilled coaches from the Philippine National Team. It also houses the country’s first indoor asphalt pump track, which can be used even during the rainy season. An outdoor trail and a kids’ track expands the list of spaces that can be enjoyed within the park.

The Bike Playground is located within Circulo Verde, a 10-hectare master-planned mixed-use community envisioned by its developers, Ortigas & Co., to become an active lifestyle destination. Situated in Circulo Verde, Calle Industria, Quezon City, the Bike Playground has become a favoured destination among bikers, who enjoy its range of offerings and fun events held especially for the biking community. It first opened its tracks to the public last March of 2017.

Champion - Male Division

Champion – Male Division

Champion - Female Group

Champion – Female Group

Pump it up

Pump it up

JOOST WICHMAN - teaches the kids how to pump in the tracks

JOOST WICHMAN – teaches the kids how to pump in the tracks

Go Go Go!

Go Go Go!

High Flyer

High Flyer

Bike Enthusiasts Gather at Circulo Verder - Bike Playground

Bike Enthusiasts Gather at Circulo Verder – Bike Playgroun, 

Witness world-class pump track racing in action. For more information on the Red Bull Pump Track World Championship, visit:

To stay up to date on the latest news on the championships, follow these pages:

Instagram: @thebikeplayground @redbullpumptrackworlds
Facebook: @thebikeplayground @redbullpumptrackworlds
Twitter: @pumptrackworlds
Red Bull: @redbull @redbullbike
Velosolutions: @velosolutions_global

The Russians are Winning – Virtus Pro and Red Sparrow

Pag nabanggit ang salitang Russian, ang naiisip ko lang ay Nuclear reactors at mga bruskong lalaki na malalaki katawan kagaya ni Zangief sa Street Fighter. Nagtataka lang din ako kung bakit naka-briefs lang tong si Zangief e samantalang natatabunan ng yellow ang Moscow.

Pero lately, medyo may mga dagdag na akong kaalaman tungkol sa Russia – dahil Russian ang Virtus Pro, ang DOTA 2 team na nanalo sa Katowice 2018 majors. Skip mo na ang paragraph na to kung hindi ka naman nagdodota. Tandaan mo na lang na ang premyo sa contest na yun ay $400,000 US. Biruin mo yun, higit 20 million pesos sa paglalaro lang ng DOTA.


Virtus Pro sa Katowice 2018

Virtus Pro sa Katowice 2018

Marami pa akong gustong malaman tungkol sa Russia. Siguro, manonood na lang ako ng “Red Sparrow” starring Jennifer Lawrence this week sa Ayala and SM Cinemas.

Mas maganda daw kung IMAX.

Also, marami daw na Rated-Adult scenes. Kahit daw yung crew ng movie, na-awkward nung nagsimula nang umarte si Jennifer Lawrence.



The latest adult spy movie “Red Sparrow”, arrestingly visceral and cerebral at the same time introduces high-end assassins and spies ready to kill and destroy at all costs without the usual gun and gadgets fare typical of recent spy films.

Based on the tome by Jason Matthews, “Red Sparrow” is directed by Francis Lawrence that stars an impressive, international cast that includes Jennifer Lawrence, Joel Edgerton, Charlotte Rampling, Joely Richardson, Matthias Schoenaerts and Jeremy Irons. Continue reading

Getting Fit in 2018 with Swim Bike Run dot PH

Happening to a near side-by-side with the Award’s Night is the SBR EXPO, a retailers event showcasing items all geared to the needs of a tri-athlete. New retailers will join in the event showing their wares that are health related in nature that both athletes and non-sport minded individuals may be interested in. This is an open to all event, regulars of the mall can also enjoy the items offered on those days.

The first of all the races will take place in April which is the AQUAMAN (Aquathlon), followed by the DUAMAN (Duathlon) in May and capping it all off with the TRIMAN (Triathlon) in June; registration for all SBR events is now open to all interested individual and enjoy an early bird discount.

Part of SBR’s plan for this year is to launch a race event for kids and PWD’s – a group that shows promise in terms of growth, recognition and possible fair market locally and abroad. Mr. De Guzman believes that the sport should be made open to all ages, sex and physical condition and still maintains the element of simple enjoyment without the normal pressure of a very dynamic and demanding sport. He aims to bring the sport nationwide and have it set on the natural terrain of the province that he goes to.


What started as a simply desire by a tri-athlete is now a growing e-commerce and triathlon event group serving the growing local fans and enthusiasts of the sports, thus is born in 2011. ( is the brainchild of a Carlos de Guzman, a tri-athlete with a passion for the sports. With the fire burning strong, a community is now formed that is continuously growing and inspiring lives. is an online store that caters to the gear needs of tri-athletes and/or those that are simply into running, swimming and cycling. He has shirts, socks, caps, drinking bottles, monitor watches, goggles, support straps and such made available on his site. He can also give support to some cyclist needs such as wheels.

Carlos de Guzman conceptualized a whole tri-series event designed for beginners and come-backers. This locally produced event is set to have the participants beat their own time in their own pace, letting them enjoy the whole experience of being part of this sport. The logic behind this is to help the participant develop their own confidence and needed strength without the pressure of an outside time meter. They build their strength and stamina and when they are ready, then they can fully try-out the other triathlon events in the country. That is why he developed the whole sports event in a segmented pattern – the Aquaman (Aquathlon), the Duaman (Duathlon) and the Triman (Triathlon). These allowed interested individuals to try out a segment first, build his confidence and strength, move to the next, and rebuild his strength again, till he is ready for the whole thing. It also became a retraining ground for those who were out of the circuit for a time, making it a place for beginners and elites to meet and know one another and have their stories shared – flowing freely within the growing community.

After cultivating the soil for interaction, what better way to make it prosper by having a recognition activity and an expo thus the Award’s Night and SBR Expo was born. This became a much attended event by the growing community of Enthusiast of the sports gets to be truly interactive by nominating their favorites and voting for those who qualified the nomination stage. Winner gets to get the accolade that they deserve from the community that they are part of. With the expo, runners, cyclist and swimmers get to see, choose and purchase sport’s items in one location. It also became a meet and greeting ground for tri-athletes, community member or enthusiast they may be. Expo retailers get to show their latest ware and enjoy a day or two of greeting, friendly haggling and seeing familiar and new faces in the sports.

From e-commerce to events maker to recognition and a growing home grown community, is truly making it strong and will push the envelope, opening new venues this 2018.

John Cena is now a Cartoon Monster with Ferdinand

                In the tradition of beloved animals from children’s classic tales comes a gentle giant with a heart of gold in “Ferdinand” – starring the voice of wrestling superstar John Cena along with Gina Rodriguez, Kate McKinnon, Bobby Cannavale and Anthony Anderson.


                Directed by Carlos Saldanha, who also helmed global blockbuster animation films such as “Rio,” “Ice Age” and “Robots”, “Ferdinand” is a Blue Sky Studios feature that tells the unlikely and delightful story of a bull who prefers flowers to fighting.  John Cena stars as the voice of the titular character, a peace-loving animal with no desire to battle matadors, like the rest of the herd, which makes him an outsider.  At the ranch where he’s expected to train for the bullring, he meets Lupe, supposedly a calming goat, but in fact she is brash and feisty. The two become fast friends. Action-packed, funny and heartwarming, the film explores resonant themes of authenticity, courage and what home really means.

                Set in Spain, “Ferdinand” relates the journey of a charming, fun-loving bull. A gentle giant, Ferdinand loves to smell the flowers and play in the fields, but has no interest in fighting. He’s different from his peers and that leads to bullying from the other bulls. When his beloved father leaves the ranch and doesn’t come back, Ferdinand embarks on a journey to find a new home where he will be accepted unconditionally. He finds a beautiful farm in the countryside and is taken in by the kind farmer and his daughter, Nina. Becoming part of a loving family, Ferdinand is free to play in the fields among the flowers.

                But everything changes when Ferdinand goes to a flower festival in the local town, where people mistake the massive bull as a vicious beast. Because of his cumbersome size, he creates havoc throughout the town and gets taken away from the family he loves.

                “Ferdinand” is based on the book “The Story of Ferdinand” by Munro Leaf and Robert Lawson. This classic has been in publication for over seventy-five years, been translated into more than sixteen languages, and is included on TIME’s 100 Best Children’s Books of All Time.


Twentieth Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios present "Ferdinand."

Twentieth Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios present “Ferdinand.”

                The book’s message of amity and acceptance is as relevant today as it was when it first came out, and serves as the perfect opportunity for parents to share this moral with even the youngest of children.

                “Ferdinand” will open January 8 in cinemas nationwide from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.