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Archie King: An inspiration – by Grace Bondad Nicolas

Met Archie King in 2013 and yes, overwhelmed with his presence and amazed with his passion in helping the indigent ones. The success of his businesses made him well known but the real success according to the people he worked with was on how he treated everyone equally, but that’s not even a glimpse of why we love Archie King, he has been such an inspiration, worked on several projects that we hoped would help our country.

archie king

archie king

Here are some of them:
Piazza Armerina 1. Gawad Kalinga
– Under the Angelo King Foundation with various projects for sustainable development.
– 70 Multipurpose Halls all over, 2 villages, one in San Remigio Antique and one ongoing in Candoni, Negros Occidental.
– Under his personal account, he put up the Arch-Angel Center for Arts and Culture at the Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm. The center was created to Celebrate the shared history; honor the friendship and partnership with Archie King; provide a space where the community can meet and discuss; a space for values formation and capacity building.

2. Haribon Foundation
– This is a foundation close to his heart as it was founded by his mother, Belen King.
– The foundation that takes care of the almost extinct Philippine Eagle.

conically 3. Chosen Children Village
– Chosen Children Village is a sanctuary for children with special needs and Archie built one of the cottages that houses the kids.
– He also supports thru various fund raisers and when the village was hit by a super typhoon, he sent materials to help renovate.

4. St. Martin De Porres Charity Hospital
– Another project of Belen King, this hospital provided care for those in need.
– Thru AKFI, they recently renovated a ward for the hospital.

These are just few of his projects and will be continued by the King’s family. This actually caught my attention on why those who are helping sincerely the people are the ones gone too early. Nothing to do now but to thank Sir Archie King for touching everyone’s hearts.