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You're the 1, Goldilocks!

Goldilocks is more than just a bakeshop. Not only that Goldilocks offer just cakes and pastries, most Goldilocks stores nowadays (the ones found in the malls) have a selection of Pinoy Food that is a must-try. If you are unaware of, Goldilocks also has their own version of jarred shrimp paste (bagoong) and polvoron samples that can be found in some booths at the aisle of malls.

I can still remember my good old youngster days. Me and my family are strolling in a mall in Manila, a Sunday morning right after hearing mass; a family day of some sort. We have an attitude at times like these that we choose to eat on a place where we haven’t eaten before. We came across some pizza parlors, fast foods, fine dining restos, everything you can think of, but we could not choose from any. Then I suggested, “Why don’t we go to Goldilocks instead?” My little brother then andwered, “Nye, magla-lunch tayo ng cake? (Cakes for lunch?)” He is now on his think-face mode until we reached the Goldilocks store.

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