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Metro Manila Shake Drill And How You Can Participate


The Metro Manila Shake Drill will happen tomorrow, July 30, 2015.

In an effort to increase our chance of survival and recovery, the MMDA, with cooperation from schools, businesses, government agencies, and religious organizations will anticipate an earthquake that will split the country stemming from the West Valley Fault movement.

shake drill

shake drill

Here is how you can participate.

1) Sign Up. Using the website, http://www.metromanilashakedrill.com/, you may participate, together with your colleagues and be counted. From the mailing list, you will be more aware of the basic know how to save lives.

2) Use the hashtag. Share your preparations and experiences using the hashtag #mmshakedrill.

3) Share the efforts. Tell your mom, your friends, your co-workers, and even long lost relatives of how you are preparing and what your contingencies are. You may be prepared but they should know how prepared you are. So they too can prepare themselves.

4) Survival Kits. Familiar? Eveready batteries and flashlights are the basics. Instead of just storing your unused trekking bags, why don’t you convert them to survival kits first before your next climb.

5) Be Calm. It is just a drill. Well, even if the real thing happens, it pays to be calm. Preparedness makes you calm.

Let us be ready for the big hit. I know I am.