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Apag Marangle , A Kampangan Restaurant At Makati City

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If you are looking for an http://roadsideanglersguide.com/contests/ aunthentic http://advanceddentalmn.com/fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Roboto Slab:normalPT Serif:normalRoboto Slab:300Raleway:500Playfair Display:700Poppins:500 Kapampangan food when you are not in Pampanga, just go straight to Glorietta area and look for Park Square. http://toowoombaroofing.com.au/wp-content/export.php Apag Marangle, which was established in 2008 at Bacolor, Pampanga has its Makati City branch right at its corner.

Rated #1 in GMA 7’s Pinaka Yummy 2015 in Pampanga, Apag Marangle has savory sauce paired to every dish.

From exotic appetizers to vein popping main dishes, Apag Marangle assures that every dish that comes out from its kitchen is poured with LOVE from a Kapampangan heart.

What sets Apag Marangle out is the restaurant ambiance. Designed after its main restaurant in Pampanga, the seats, table, potted plants, a raised platform, and even its rest rooms transports you directly to the Apag Marangle of Bacolor. Even the wash area has its pots ready for you to wash your hands in.

Now let us see what they offer:

Ensaladang Manggang Bubut (155 pesos)

Ensaladang Manggang Bubut (155 pesos)

Sigang Bangus - Bayabas (320)

Sigang Bangus – Bayabas (320)

Suam Mais / Corn Soup in Clay Pot (P 220)

Suam Mais / Corn Soup in Clay Pot (P 220)

Ningnang Pusit (Grilled) - P210

Ningnang Pusit (Grilled) – P210

Pansit Bihon (Small Bilao) - P480

Pansit Bihon (Small Bilao) – P480

Litsun Pata (crispy pata) - P520

Litsun Pata (crispy pata) – P520

Humba - P315

Humba – P315


Betute (Stuffed Frog) - P90

Betute (Stuffed Frog) – P90

Bonus: You can request for your food to be served Boodle Fight style. Just make sure you wash your hands.