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In times of trouble, who do you call?

Cruisin’ towards EDSA when I felt the machine made its final sigh. The engine was then silent as I stop on the traffic light of Buendia Ave cor. Paseo de Roxas.

This is the first time Pilot, our family car, turned off its engines on me.

After turning off all lights, I tried to turn on the ignition.

A few purrs went out but to no avail.

After my own deep breath, I turned the key again.

The purrs were lighter and the engine still would not start.

I was hoping of a roar, but I can only hear laughter of people in a bar on the side street. Still I tried to turn on the machine. With a little hope and prayer I tried.

I got nothing but laughter from the gods of Olympus themselves.

And so it’s time for me to ask for help. There is none that I can think of but only one. Sure enough he is the only one capable and willing to be of help.

I grabbed my phone from the chest pocket of my MERGER jacket, I gave it a small slide to unlock the keypad. This small device would be a lot of help since the bigger machine failed me in the middle of the night.

Letter D. His name is saved in my phone with the letter D.

A few rings and no one answered. I was trying to be brave. Panicking would just worsen the situation. I played a song in my mind to ease my tension.

His phone is still ringing, and I know he will pick up the phone. I know he will.

“Hello?” goes the sound of his voice.

“Dadi, namatayan ako sa gitna ng Buendia.” was the first thing I said.