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How I Met…

I was invited to ETC and Nokia’s How I met Your Mother – Suit Up Party.The venue was at Members Only Bar, The Fort.

Freeing up my schedule for the night; I prepared my Tux, a black long sleeve party polo, red necktie, shined leather shoes, and texted my friends.

Too bad other friends are too scared of the storm. Only me and KnP#1 was able to go.

Bringing my usual ride and paying the parking fee, we went there and came in. We did not register at first because there was no one on the registration booth. Hell the storm was crazy outside, I bet the person manning the registration is still looking for his raincoat and windbreaker.

We stayed there for the night, got a couple of drinks. It’s open bar anyways. Then we watched the latest episode of the series, played a game about the Bro Code and drank Tequila, waited for my phone number to ring signaling that I just won a Nokia C3 and enjoyed the rest of the night.

I got home wasted.

I really love ETC events like this. Will watch out for the next.