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Pico de Loro

Next stop, Pico de Loro. Exclusive resort siya developed by non other than Henry Sy’s SM Development Corporation.

Dahil nga hindi pa talaga open ang laht ng amenities ng resort, dun muna kami sa beach club. SObrang calm ng water dahil nasa loob looban nga siya ng Hamilo Coast cove.

Salamat ke Pong Riva dahil siya ang member dito.

Eto pictures, as usual, paki-click na lang para makita ninyo lahat.

Babalik kami sa Pico whenever we have time (and budget). Sayang ang beach!.

The Internet: stepsapart.com

Looking for people is not confined to just friendster and facebook. Our tech-savvy set of people would always find ways to give us alternatives. That is why a new social channel comes to us; and this time, we are segregated according to country.

Meeting new people has never been easier!

Meeting new people has never been easier!

Checkout stepsapart.com, it is very easy to set up and navigate. It does have some ads but very minimal and does not SHOUT OUT on you. All you need to have is an email address and a unique username to start on looking for prospects.

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