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This Doctor Thinks He Knows #ALDUB Better Than You

And I really think he does.

Pinsan ko siya. Currently in Australia studying PhD for a course that I do not know anything about.

He wrote about Meteor Garden and its effects on Filipinos back in his college days. Now, he is studying Aldub on his spare time.

Dahil na rin siguro miss na niya ang Pilipinas.

Eto ang mga pinagsasasabi niya:

marlon james on aldub

This was posted September 15, right after he watched #AlDubForTalkAndText commercial on YouTube.

He now shares these thoughts:


marlon james on aldub 1



marlon james on aldub 2


marlon james on aldub 3

Then He Writes THIS:

marlon james on aldub extro

Tell me what you think.


For updates about what he does, follow his trending topic here:



7 Aldub Facts That Every Fan Must Know

#aldub #mayforever #SaTamangPanahon

Hindi na sila mapipigilan, parang pabebe lang.

Let us take a step back and review the timeline of the http://michaelosullivan.com/searchreplace-master KalyeSerye segment of Eat Bulaga. This is a MUST READ for those who are jumping in just now. If you are unaware of which is what and what is why, please read a run through of #Aldub’s rise to fame.

Here are seven facts about #aldub that will help you keep up with the segment:


buy Ivermectin pills July 4 was Yayadub’s first day sa Eat Bulaga. The place was Brgy San Juan, Cainta, Rizal. She entered the scene as the entourage of Lola Nidora. She got off a white limousine, weared her apron, and walked after lola. She was moniker-ed as Divina Ursula Bokbokova Smash, hence the name YayaDub.

Yayadub 1st Appearance

Yayadub 1st Appearance

buy provigil cephalon A honk of a truck signals the start and the end of the KalyeSerye segment. The final honk will freeze the characters, usually catching Lola Nidora’s wide open mouth.

aldub truck

aldub truck

Problem Solving was the original name of the segment. Citizens of the Barangay line up and ask question with JoWaPao trying to answer them in the most comic way possible. This stopped during the July 25 episode with the final question, “Ako ay 59 years old na, may nanliligaw sa akin na 21 years old. Ano gagawin ko?”

problem solving

problem solving

The first on split screen meeting of YayaDub and Alden happened on a Thursday, July 16. YayaDub’s natural reaction was caught by Tape when she saw Alden on monitor as she performs a dubsmash. Weeksary happens every Thursday.

natural reaction

natural reaction

Frankie Arinolli entered the segment. He dubsmashed “ako na yata ang pinakamagandang lalaki sa mundo.” He was supposedly wed to YayaDub but failed twice. The first failed wedding was due to the UNSCRIPTED fainting of YayaDub during the August 8 episode. The second failed wedding was a set up by Lola Nidora for Frankie to sign a check amounting to 51,000,50o pesos.

yakie wedding

yakie wedding

Lola Nidora, Tidora, and Tinidora are triplets played by Wally, Paolo, and Jose respectively. Nidora being the oldest and the most strict. This was forced into scene when Paolo made a make up transformation which perfectly resembled Wally’s portrayal, and inserted a third sister to the scene. The trio came into completion in the August 27 episode.

kalyes angels

kalyes angels

Unang Sulyap, or the first meeting happened September 5, Saturday.

unang pagkikita

unang pagkikita

*all photos are ripped from YouTube stills.

Time can only tell what will happen with this segment.

Catch the KayleSerye segment on Eat Bulaga. You may like their FB fan page,