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SC2XP: Prologue

My friend Clifford intoduced me back to the game of StarCraft. 2 weeks after the release, he has already installed StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty to his home computer. It is the latest game from Blizzard Entertainment, and considered a game which was a decade in the making. The last time I played StarCraft was when I was still in High School; about 10 years ago.

He would not let me play his account at first. Well, becuase he is still under placement matches and could not afford to lose. Good thing the StarCraft kit would come with 2 Guest Accounts that you can activate using your Battle.net logins. A guest account would allow you to play the game for 7 hours or within 14 days – whichever comes first.

Unlike other Downloadable Games; Starcraft 2 can not be played offline. You need to login to your Battle.net account before entering the SC2 panel. Campaigns, Custom Games, Quick Matches and Challenges can only be launched if you are inside the SC2 panel. Blizzard has made it impossible to play without purchasing an account with them.

Good thing I already have a Battle.net account. I remember creating it when I tried out World of Warcraft. Sitting in front of Clifford’s PC, I visited Battle.net. I added a game and thoroughly entered the guest account Game Key. The system automatically added a new game to my list, which then allowed me to enter the SC2 panel.

I only have 7 hours of game time.

I did not waste my limited game time on playing stupid campaigns and challenges. I quickly added buddies with the help of the SC2 panel’s facebook buddy lookup and got a list of about 6 buddies. Shuren, was online and we were able to play the game.

Shuren then invited me to his party and tried to lookup for a match. I chose Protoss as my race because i know for a fact that I am good at this race. I want to see Zealots, Dragoons, Carriers and Interceptors again.

The game started.

Although I felt High School all over again, I still see myself as a  stranger to this whole new world of StarCraft 2. The Nexus has a strange ability which needs about 25 energy to boost the training speed of buildings. As the game goes, I could hear Clifford at the back of my seat coaching me what I would do next.

The game ended quickly with my teammate Shuren doing all the job. All I ever built was 4 Pylons, 1 Gateway, a dozen of Zealots and 3 dozens of Probes. My first game would be a pea as compared to Shuren’s. I felt useless.

This has to stop. I need to practice and play more.

SC2XP would be about my StarCraft 2 Gaming Experience. Here I will discus what I think about the game. I hope I can help all SC2 players with my stories of success and failures.