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I Am BPO #BPOandProud

#hellowork #nescafe

I have never been to any other business than BPO. Naalala ko pa noong nagsimula ako, I graduated February, and I forced myself to start to work as early as April dahil gusto ko, I will host a big party on my 21st Birthday. I chose BPO.

Started with People Support, which became Aegis, and then Teleperformance. Applied in one company, but I ended up having three.

After a good 8 hours of switching from one LOB to another, and landing a TL post in the process, I took my talents to a better business; Healthcare management. I am now a Certified Healthcare Consultant Specialist.

I love being part of the BPO industry. Gusto ko yung schedule na hindi sabay sa usad ng karamihan. Gusto ko yung puyatan sa gabi pero tulog sa umaga. Gustong-gusto ko yung sweldong malaki. Gusto ko yung holiday pay na minsan ay double o or more than double. Higit sa lahat, gusto ko yung LIBRENG KAPE sa pantry.

You may see me doing other jobs; blogging, events, marketing, sales, business brokerage, and even Network Marketing, pero…

My Bread and Butter is still BPO.


Salamat Nescafe para sa Good Vibes.