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Casaje – Barrientos Wedding

DSC04062Last night was the night our dearest cousin, Ma. Jasmin Casaje together with her now husband, Arvin Barrientos, have been waiting for. Everything was perfectly prepared by its organizers. All the guests need to do is how to witness the event. All the couple need to worry about is how to say “I do”.

From the church parking space to the reception’s flow of events; everything is ready. The priest would be very kind enough to give out some special pictures that i know the cameramen would love to capture. The master of ceremonies would give out instructions that participants just need to follow.

The food was great, the videos of what has transpired were excellent. I can describe the event overall in 3 words;  Napaka, sobra, walang tatalo (was that 4 words?)

checkout the pictures here.